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    Beyond spa

    Could someone DM me their Twitter name?
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    Review: Beyond Spa: Candy

    Any DFK?
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    Review: Lotus Health Spa: Ani

    According to her she spelled it Ani
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    China acupressure

    I pulled this out before they took it away.
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    Review: Lotus Health Spa: Ani

    Title: Review: Lotus Health Spa: Ani Date: Mar 22, 2024 Phone: 610-299-7373 City: Warminster State: PA House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .6 + .6 Age Estimate: 30 Physical Description: Young, very sexy look, B's, 5"3, thin Private Details: So after reading some local reviews in the...
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    China acupressure

    There is a dumpster out in front of the building
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    Review: Sol House Spa (B-Town) - Halmeoni Susie, in the House!

    I understand what you are saying and I wouldn't disrespect any of these ladies while mongering. However I think I would purposely shit myself to get out of the situation then have a balding cranky grandma give me pleasure.
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    Review: Sol House Spa (B-Town) - Halmeoni Susie, in the House!

    I really hope the only requests you asked for involved asking for a younger masseuse, a paper bag or unlocking the door. Yikes!
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    Review: New Star - LA Maya - Tiny and Fun!

    Looks wise compared to Pinky?
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    Review: 465/DDD,Happy

    3 to 4 years ago you had Anna, then Young, then the girl that gave money back and about 6 months ago the hot young girl who lasted only a week. Other then those mentioned above this place has been old and cold. Not sure how they do business with so many other options.
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    Review: RM Sunnys: Summer

    Title: Review: RM Sunnys: Summer Date: Jan 31, 2024 Phone: 609-499-7888 City: Florence State: NJ House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .7 + $ Age Estimate: 50 Physical Description: 5"6" 130lbs black hair A's white T shirt Private Details: This is my second visit to this massage parlor in the...
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    I'm surprised that not one single guy over the years took down her phone number???
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    A Monger No More

    You could make a list of 100 different tips, but unless it includes wife being affectionate willing to blow you and fuck you 4 times a week with next to no limitations you will be back at the washy washy before the sun sets tomorrow.
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    Chinese Accu RT 130

    The message on the door says, UNSAFE STRUCTURE NOTICE The only thing ever unsafe in these establishments is slipping off while flipping during a TS and breaking a hip.
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    Review: 202/206-Kayla

    Anyone have the updated Twitter account for the establishment? The only I had previously was the yourcozyspa which no longer works
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    Review: Beyond Spa- Cici

    Scroll down..
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    China acupressure

    Yep saw a sign and yellow tape on door as a road by today. Would of pulled over and looked at the sign but the parking lot wasn't plowed.
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    Review: Indy - Aria

    From his review it looks like a extra $100
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    It baffles me that I constantly hear the same liberal talking points about those who understand the ramifications of basically unlimited illegal immigrants into this country that aren't acclimated to our culture our language and the cost to each of us as xenophobic or it distills fear inside of me.