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  1. J

    Review: STG Lisa

    Same here…
  2. J

    Review: Suzie

    Wow! She is smokin!!
  3. J


    I had a very similar experience with her as well.
  4. J

    Review: Acupressure center Ruby

    Nice review. Yeah I would have told her to crack up the AC. I can’t enjoy a massage when I’m sweating…
  5. J

    Review: Review - Sexy Asian MILF! Independent Reviewed Lisa

    Where did you see her ad? Nothing comes up when I Google the # provided…thanks!
  6. J

    Review: Jen - Accupressure Center

    No went last night…had Jun. She indicated Mimi was gone.
  7. J

    Review: Jen - Accupressure Center

    The many years I have been seeing Jennifer, this was never offered.
  8. J

    Review: Next Level Massage

    I guess the 9/17/72 The Other One would be too much right?
  9. J

    Review: Next Level Massage

    I know that song…
  10. J

    Review: Mary

    May have to stop here on my way home…nice review. Thank you!
  11. J

    Full Lineup at Acupressure Center Hainesport?

    Just posted a review of Ruby…
  12. J

    Review: Hainesport Acupressure Center- Ruby

    Title: Review: Hainesport Acupressure Center- Ruby Date: Apr 7, 2024 Phone: 609-914-0885 City: Hainesport State: NJ Location: Rt 38, near antique store House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .60 + .60 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 50 Physical Description: 5’2” 130, shoulder length dark...
  13. J

    Review: Fortune spa - Jenny

    Good to know - thanks
  14. J

    Review: Fortune spa - Jenny

    I need to see Joy. She was Mamasan when I last visited.
  15. J

    Review: Mekar

    Yeah I’ve never had issues here either…
  16. J

    Review: New Linda - Apple Spa Rt 45 W Deptford

    I saw her once in Philly…