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    Venus Manhattan?

    Several girls here rotate among other places like Aphrodite, Gramercy Keys, and Uptown Girls. I've seen Ally and Ella here and would recommend both. I don't think Venus Manhattan and Venus Touch are affiliated.
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    Review: Ruby Martes

    I just saw her and will be writing a review soon. Yes she is in a location a lot of us are familiar with. It's a big space. Does anyone know if other providers share the space?
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    Review: Melanie

    Title: Review: Melanie Date: Feb 23, 2024 Phone: 3477504203 City: Brooklyn - Flatbush State: NY Location: Flatbush House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 250 Nationality: Caucasian Age Estimate: Mid to late 30s Physical Description: Average height, thick and curvy, not fat. Great natural tits...
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    Review: Penelope - Latina MILF

    Title: Review: Penelope - Latina MILF Date: Feb 2, 2024 Phone: 3476144999 City: NYC State: NY Location: East village House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 280 Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: 35 Physical Description: Light skinned latina, gorgeous face, curvy, huge naturals Private Details...
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    Review: Delilah - Midtown Angels

    Title: Review: Delilah - Midtown Angels Date: Jan 26, 2024 Phone: 6462576159 City: NYC State: NY Location: Midtown east House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 280 Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: Late 20s Physical Description: Ok face, redhead, short and thick, natural Cs, nice ass Private...
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    Review: Milf Lana

    Title: Review: Milf Lana Date: Jan 5, 2024 Phone: 9172799388 City: NYC State: NY Location: Midtown East House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 200 Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: 50 Physical Description: Blonde Milf, decent face, great body, nice ass, man mades Private Details: This is my...
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    Review: Izzy - NY Body Love

    Title: Review: Izzy - NY Body Love Date: Nov 17, 2023 Phone: 844-922-2588 City: NYC State: NY Location: UES House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 300 Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: 30 Physical Description: Cute face, short, fit thick body, natural Bs Private Details: Always been intrigued...
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    Review: Adrianna - Aphrodite Body Rub

    She kept her bottoms on
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    Review: Adrianna - Aphrodite Body Rub

    Title: Review: Adrianna - Aphrodite Body Rub Date: Oct 6, 2023 Phone: 929-337-3761 City: NYC State: NY Location: 62nd and 2nd House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 260 Nationality: Caucasian Age Estimate: 25 Physical Description: Italian, dark hair, tall, thin, natural Bs, cute face Private...
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    Sex or the thrill of the Ritual

    The research is annoying but if you are comparing the anticipation leading up to the appointment vs the actual sex acts, I think its close. Maybe 60/40 in favor of the sex acts. The excitement of texting a provider then going to a random address and not knowing what's on the other side of the...
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    Review: Blaze Chelseabodyrub

    Saw two different girls here this year. Both of them also were unenthusiastic and shorted me more than 20 minutes. I'd avoid this place.
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    Review: NY Health Spa - Sofia

    Yep you guys are right, I'm used to thinking it's .8
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    Review: NY Health Spa - Sofia

    Title: Review: NY Health Spa - Sofia Date: Aug 14, 2023 Phone: 2125755600 City: NYC State: NY Location: 37th and 5th House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 80 + 60 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 40s Physical Description: Short and a little thick. Decent face. Private Details: Went here...
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    Review: West Garden Spa - Joy

    Title: Review: West Garden Spa - Joy Date: Jun 16, 2023 Phone: 646-961-4359 City: NYC State: NY Location: West 30th House Fee and Tip (if applicable) 125 +100 Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Cute face, tight body, light brown hair Private Details: Went...
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    UBR current rankings?

    I've only been here once but would like to return. I like the setup. Trying to find a girl my type that fits into my schedule. I too am interested in others' reviews and opinions of this place.
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    Returned to Office from Remote working

    Permanently hybrid. Do most of my mongering on Fridays.
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    Review: Sofie at Chelsea Girls

    Title: Review: Sofie at Chelsea Girls Date: Apr 4, 2023 Phone: City: NYC Location: Chelsea Age Estimate: Late 20s Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: Brunette, short, curvy, big ass and natural tits, cute jewish GND Private Details: Been wanting to try her for a while. I know...
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    Review: Zara - Chelsea Girls

    Title: Review: Zara - Chelsea Girls Date: Feb 10, 2023 Phone: City: NYC State: NY Location: Chelsea Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Pics accurate, slim with perky Bs, cute face Private Details: Texted in the morning for an afternoon booking. Easy standard...
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    Review: Ella

    Title: Review: Ella Date: Nov 4, 2022 Phone: 631-743-0842 City: NYC State: NY Location: Midtown West Age Estimate: 28 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Below avg height, cute face, natural Bs, very curvy with great ass Private Details: Seen her on tryst and bedpage for a while...
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    4 hands

    Any suggestions for a first timer looking for a 4 hand massage? Mostly interested in non asians FBSM.