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    Spa near cherry hill

    Oh, ok. Went there once when it first opened. Not impressed. I see they're advertising more boldly on Doublelist, but I'm guessing it's the same unimpressive staff as before.
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    Spa near cherry hill

    What spa on Haddonfield Road?
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    Review: Veronica H

    Isn’t she in Medford?
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    STG reviews?

    Seems kind of sad. Are any of these girls not addicts?
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    Anyone have a recommendation for a Cuddler who does a little more than cuddle not far from Cherry Hill area? She would need to host.
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    Nude provider?

    Lisa of Society Hill.
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    Anyone familiar with "Touch of Joy" in Gray's Ferry?

    There was an AA masseuse who worked out of her home in that neighborhood several years ago. She later moved to a studio elsewhere (I can’t recall where). But I haven’t seen an ad for her in a very long time. I suspect this is just outdated information.
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    Review: New Blue Moon Spa - Mia

    I don't think we're supposed to discuss those things in the public part of the forum.
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    Review: New Blue Moon Spa - Mia

    Title: Review: New Blue Moon Spa - Mia Date: Feb 20, 2022 Phone: (856) 870-3428 (per Google) City: Cherry Hill State: NJ Location: Rockhill Rd. Age Estimate: 40? Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Pretty Private Details: First time here since new ownership. Only went here...
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    Review: Lisa - Society Hill

    Title: Review: Lisa - Society Hill Date: Mar 3, 2022 Phone: 267-770-7067 City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: Hotel - Old City area Age Estimate: 30s? Nationality: Black Physical Description: The stuff wet dreams are made of Private Details: Saw Lisa again yesterday. 90 minute...
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    Review: Refresh Day Spa

    I see a lot of bad reviews of many places from guys who show up a few minutes before closing time. Perhaps a lesson there.
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    Review: Meridian Krewstown Rd Philly

    I actually think I understand what he was saying, because I think I saw the same provider yesterday. Terrible technique. I can't remember the last time I was unable to finish at an R&T joint. I'm sure I tipped too much as well. I saw another review of this same provider, where the reviewer...
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    Playhouse Lounge

    You can PM me for names. I'm not looking to get anyone fired or arrested. I only go day shift. 2 of them were newer; one has been there for a long time, which was the one that really surprised me.
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    Playhouse Lounge

    To each his own. I enjoy the "foreplay". One or 2 dances just doesn't do it for me. Too mechanical.
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    Playhouse Lounge

    The truth is there are plenty of guys willing to pay here (witness the guys who tie up the best looking girls for over an hour at a time at a rate of $30 every 4 minutes), so if you refuse, you'll end up with blue balls, or you'll have to go to one of the older less attractive dancers to finish...
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    Playhouse Lounge

    I've noticed a disturbing trend lately. Dancers who used to provide certain services as part of the dance are now asking for large tips in addition to the dance cost. I won't mention any names, but one I've seen numerous times in the past yesterday requested $60 extra for what was routine...
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    Review: Acupressure Center - Linda

    Agreed. I don't get the fuss over Mimi. I don't find her sensual at all and I don't think her massage is good, either.
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    Review: Body Relax - Nina

    I went here some time ago, saw a provider that matches this description, and it sounded to me like she identified herself as Nina. Perhaps she was Lina, but that's not how the name sounded when she said it.
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    Review: Mekar - Kiki

    Title: Review: Mekar - Kiki Date: Dec 27, 2021 Phone: (856) 842-7263 City: Mt. Laurel State: NJ Location: Church Road Age Estimate: 50? Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Slim Private Details: I had been having trouble getting to see Kiki. Previous two times I was here I saw...
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    Review: True Balance -Lisa

    Title: Review: True Balance -Lisa Date: Dec 30, 2021 Phone: (609) 558-6659 City: Mt. Laurel State: NJ Location: Fairway Terrace Age Estimate: 50? Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Short; nice top; a few extra pounds Private Details: First time back here in a while. Recent...