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    Review: Sakura Blossom, Candy

    Title: Review: Sakura Blossom, Candy Date: May 24, 2024 Phone: 2152816280 City: Philly State: PA Location: Rising Sun Ave House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 200 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 25 Physical Description: She's hot. I'd say she's about 5'3" or 5'4" 105 with full natural Bs...
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    Review: Hitomi

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    Review: Beauty Spa - Linda

    Title: Review: Beauty Spa - Linda Date: Dec 2, 2023 Phone: 267-367-8029 City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: 1920 Cottman Ave House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $200 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 23 Physical Description: She was maybe 5'3" and about 100 pounds, maybe less. She...
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    How are the spas?

    Don't pretend this is the first time you got called out. Usually it's newbies you talk down to. I need to be less sensitive? LMAO! I don't need to do shit. Fuck off you old fart. :LOL:
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    How are the spas?

    Not trying? Well, you failed. Time and again you play the role of a fake moderator, all pompous and condescending. If you don't like me offering help to guys you dis, then flag my post for review. Otherwise buzz off. What a shame rAMPage didn't follow through on his threats to ban you.
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    How are the spas?

    I'll actually be helpful with this instead of lecturing you like my shit doesn't stink. This forum is different from the private access one for a reason. Once you do a review you'll have access to that one too. Race has places at 1123, 1207, 1211, & 1217. The place at 205 11th is pretty much on...
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    Review: Hitomi - Tina

    I asked because you have her as 2-3 inches taller here.
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    Review: Hitomi - Tina

    Is this the same girl you reviewed a couple of months ago at the same place?
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    Tightest kitty

    Because he's an asshole
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    Review: Have you seen her?

    She went back to NY. If you liked her you might also like LiLi at the same place.
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    Review: Rosemary Spa - Amayah

    I get that but I'm not one of the handlers. I won't lie and say it wouldn't be cool if my review earned me some brownie points for my next visit but I legit dig her. I'm sorry you got jerked around off of my recommendation. That's happened to me before too, at other places. I would tend not to...
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    Review: Rosemary Spa - Amayah

    Excellent overall but she doesn't allow CIM.
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    Review: Rosemary Spa - Amayah

    Sorry to hear that. Sounds like a case of the MMS being penny wise & pound foolish.
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    Top 3

    Here we go again. SMH
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    Review: Rosemary Spa - Amayah

    Title: Review: Rosemary Spa - Amayah Date: Apr 22, 2023 Phone: 917-306-6518 City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: 6112 Torresdale Ave Age Estimate: 30-35 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Cute face with small features, shoulder length black hair, 5'6-7" 110-115, just about a...
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    Review: Rosemary Spa - Amayah

    Damn! Thanks for the heads up my man! She rocked me! I'll put up a review when I have more time.
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    Review: Hitomi - Coco

    Oh, that's enlightening. He straight up says he's new and doesn't know what's up so you come down on him. WTF is your problem with people who are new or don't share your opinion?
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    Review: New Star - Tina

    Thanks for the review. Great points.
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    Review: New Star - Sophia

    Title: Review: New Star - Sophia Date: Mar 29, 2023 Phone: 267-825-6666 City: Philly Location: Race between 12th & 13th Age Estimate: 35 Nationality: Vietnamese Physical Description: Pretty face, slim sexy body, MMs Private Details: Walked in and drew Sophia. Very pleased with what I...
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    Review: New Star - Tina

    Title: Review: New Star - Tina Date: Mar 21, 2023 Phone: 267-825-6666 City: Philly Location: Race between 12th & 13th Age Estimate: 55 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Tall but a little thick for my taste even considering her height. Face showed her age. Private Details: Decided...