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  1. Salchipapa

    Review: Rebeca Hungarian Kengsington Crew

    No, she can’t take the D either. She block in many ways. I wanted to pump this broad hard and she doesn’t allow.
  2. Salchipapa

    Review: Bensonhurst crew- Margarita

    How was she on doggie? Can she take the D hard ?
  3. Salchipapa

    Review: Diana (?) — Hungarian

    I thought the area was where the popo raids occurred.
  4. Salchipapa

    Review: Diana (?) — Hungarian

    I was thinking about seeing this broad but I heard the borough park area was a no go
  5. Salchipapa

    Review: Alex - Barbie girls

    Title: Review: Alex - Barbie girls Date: May 20, 2024 Phone: 929-577-6600 City: New York City State: NEW YORK Location: Manhattan House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 160 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 27 Physical Description: Busty, flat buns, nice smile, tight. Private Details: I was...
  6. Salchipapa

    Review: Rebeca Hungarian Kengsington Crew

    The lady with the huge knockers is hot but yeah like you said. She doesn’t allow her tits to be fondled with. :( Thank being said thanks for this review op. That being said anybody tried a new midwood slut ?
  7. Salchipapa

    Review: Alina - Bensonhurst Crew

    Anybody try margarita at this place? She works tomorrow. I’m planing on visiting her.
  8. Salchipapa

    Review: Alina - Bensonhurst Crew

    I saw her last night too. Great peach and lips.
  9. Salchipapa

    Review: Alex - NY Barbie So Fun

    I was recently with her on Monday. She couldn’t deep throat on my junk. And also couldn’t fit in her buns. But her doggy was amazing!
  10. Salchipapa

    Review: Horny Alex @barbiedolls

    She allows a good face fck?
  11. Salchipapa

    Review: Private Russian Agency

    It was a fishy ad for sure
  12. Salchipapa

    Review: Diana Hungarian

    Put her on doggie next time and take sweet time.
  13. Salchipapa

    Review: Mia Hungarian

    Does she go by “bia” now ?
  14. Salchipapa

    New Hungarians

    New Hungarian sluts In avenue c I haven’t tried them hopefully on Friday
  15. Salchipapa

    Review: 86St Bensonhurst - Rita

    What languages does she speak ?
  16. Salchipapa

    Review: Europeans Brooklyn - Alena

    how many flowers?
  17. Salchipapa

    Review: Belgian Aphrodite

    She has more friends ?
  18. Salchipapa

    Review: Viky Latin milf

    Thanks I’ll have to pass this one. Better deal with the Russians and Hungarians in Brooklyn.
  19. Salchipapa

    Review: Viky Latin milf

    Does she offer fs or only after couple of visits?
  20. Salchipapa

    Review: Lulu - Bensonhurst crew

    You have to call them. But is not a bad place, very easy to get from D train.