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    Review: Yi Spa - Phoenixville

    As the retired millennial reading the thread, Xi can't send the nukes fast enough! There's no such thing as a reeducation camp big enough for this continent haha.
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    Review: Asian Foot Spa

    Title: Review: Asian Foot Spa Date: Nov 3, 2023 Phone: +12154336969 City: Phoenixville/Kimberton State: PA Location: rt23 strip mall House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60+60 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 50s Physical Description: thin, long black hair, about 5'3 Private Details: This...
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    Review: Lisa - Russian in Bensalem

    Surprised she's still active! Saw her >~10 years ago.
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    Do any of you guys seriously date providers with the intention of having a long term serious romantic relationship?

    Yeah, the longest was with a totally legit masseuse but I had another with a provider who was not Chinese but had been educated in China and we clicked politically. She had legitimate reasons for choosing a quick but dodgy means of earning money. Ultimately I just gave up on this hobby, too many...
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    Review: Sunshine Massage

    Supposedly the other masseuse is there early in the day, not the other way around. Though maybe I've just picked bad times, not that Cici is necessarily a bad time, but I wouldn't be shocked if the other masseuse is either fictional or no longer there. Seems to only ever be Cici and no hint of...
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    Review: Susen Spa - Coco

    Thought the name sounded familiar, and yeah this is one of those places where every positive review on that other site is fake. Personally I really appreciate that site just lets the spas spam fake reviews, it's actually way more informative than legit reviews lol
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    Plymouth Indie - Any Info?

    I recognize it as well, couldn't tell you which one now but it is in Philly. Also people may not always be at liberty to say how they know, eg there are databases a surprising number of people have access to which identify hotels based on photos of the rooms. Not sure of any public ones, but...
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    Manscaping / grooming before session

    Masseuses probably have individual preferences. Laser removal isn't bad, you pretty much have to have dark hair though. Takes a few months to get the real results, but lasts many years for most people, myself included. I would never recommend fresh shave + oil + friction though.
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    Exton area- Anyone seen her ?

    I know I saw her almost a year ago but can't recall much so probably wasn't bad. She's taller than average and older so if you're into that check her out.
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    Date a provider

    It's a lot easier nowadays with remote work, that's all I'll say about that. On-topic, most full service providers probably have at least as many issues as the clientele. I lived with a masseuse for a while, every review she ever got was about how she wouldn't do any extras. Some weird...
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    Where/how to get a Burner phone?

    A true burner phone is relatively hard to come by, you have to get creative. There's usually some part of the equation for obtaining or activating one that's potentially linked to your real identity.
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    Soccer mom at valley forge STG

    Real but I wouldn't recommend
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    Review: Bridgeport Therapy- linda

    This place gets a lot of positive reviews from accounts with 0 history.
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    Review: Allevia - Lucy

    Surprised this place gets any repeat clientele. Dry area though.
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    Molluscum over counter treatment

    I had it once years ago (thanks 9VIP in Philly). It seemed to ebb & resurge every few weeks, so after a month I just started carefully breaking them open with a sterilized needle, one by one, resterilizing with fire after each one. IMMEDIATELY collect the stuff inside using cotton/toilet paper...
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    Indie verification process getting intrusive?

    Yeah, there's no reason not to pass fake verification info to providers. I've never given one any truly identifying information, and you can ship a SIM card to any old abandoned house and register it from public Wi-fi with any info. Nobody's checking.
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    Joy’s companions

    Yeah most of their schedules are terrible and it's not worth the price of admission in my opinion.
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    Asians in Reading

    Fixed that for you
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    Did anyone get a quote from her or see her? I'd say absurd but that's an understatement.
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    Expired Viagra and Cialis

    I've done professional work in clinical trials - drug has expiration dates and will be tossed if not administered. And this is in a space where trial sponsors are always trying to save money everywhere they can. But they won't risk bad clinical data on a less potent drug kit. It's not going to...