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    Kneading Healing in West Chester

    Help me out guys i lost her contact info can someone send it to me Thanks
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    Review: Pandora Spa

    Title: Review: Pandora Spa Date: Mar 18, 2024 Phone: 347-827-7926 City: Blandon State: Pa Location: strip mall next to Dominos pizza House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 50 + 50 tip at the end Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 50 Physical Description: slim lady lots of cloths on couldn't...
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    Any Info on KOP Russians?

    Just visited one in kop on monday she was staying at a apartment off of Gulph Road damage 260 hour massage pretty girl didn't get her name good massage on table and some fun in bed nice hj fs was 2. more (i didn't pay that ) probably won't see her again because of $$
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    Review: Russian girl in kop

    Title: Review: Russian girl in kop Date: Feb 19, 2024 Phone: 215-995-4848 City: kop State: pa Location: apartment House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 260 hour Age Estimate: 35 Physical Description: nice looking girl really nice body Private Details: was looking for something different found...
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    Kneading Healing in West Chester

    Well i took the plunge and met her for a hour appointment Was really surprised with a GREAT massage and a hj to finish the session... I will repeat when i'm in the area again Have fun boys
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    Review: Sunflower Spa - Amy

    Amy is the best there
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    Review: Indy - Forget the name, but was worth the (Skip the) Game

    WTF was he thinking ???? a hard NO here
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    Review: Relaxa Spa- MILL HALL

    what was the damages ???
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    Review: Beautiful life spa blandon

    Was there on Sunday saw same girl thought she was little bit more than round around her tummy massage was ok i asked for harder massage didn't get that on the flip same thing NO touching and seemed kind of bothered by having to work I've been here several times this was my first bad...
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    Looking for Williamsport area

    any contact info on bins montoursville ??
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    Looking for Williamsport area

    I'll be driving thru Williamsport area next couple of weeks any intel up there ??? Thanks
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    Review: Relaxing Oasis/Indy - Rose/Anna

    I was there in September and got massage on the flip was offered full service but provider was older lady skinny and not my type but i was hooked in at this point and she did manage to get the job done i WON'T go for this option again
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    Review: Sunflower---Amy

    Title: Review: Sunflower---Amy Date: Oct 9, 2023 Phone: 917-285-4145 City: Pottstown State: Pa House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $60--$ 60Tip Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40 Physical Description: little Mom body Private Details: Was passing thru again called Amy she said come over...
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    was there couple months ago decent massage was a do it yourself place
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    Review: Hamburg spa judy

    Great review Thanks
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    Review: T-SPA

    Title: Review: T-SPA Date: Apr 18, 2023 Phone: City: allentown State: Pa Location: 704 emmaus ave Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: 5 foot little but mighty Private Details: was looking for a different place called said i'll be there in 15 minutes they said...
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    Review: Heavenly Spa

    Title: Review: Heavenly Spa Date: Apr 3, 2023 Phone: 484-752-0242 City: limerick State: pa Location: west ridge pike Age Estimate: 45+ Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: a little chunky Private Details: saw some ads for this place so went for it --- clean inside parking in the...
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    Review: Hamburg Spa - Judy

    where is this place located on route 61 ??
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    Review: sunflower in pottstown

    Title: Review: sunflower in pottstown Date: Dec 23, 2022 Phone: City: pottstown State: pa Age Estimate: 50 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: older and a little curvy Private Details: i saw Nancy really was pushing for a 4 handed massage and i said no and she kept asking till...
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    Review: Sunflower Massage Spa

    no table shower had a nice hj there and a really good massage