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    Which Suki would you recommend if I'd randomly select one of these "Suki"s in Dream, GDS or 51 Beauty?

    Suki from Stone and Dream are the same. Her service is tops. Suki from GDS has prettier face but service is not on same level.
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    Review: Dream Spa - Joy the Little Pocket Rocket Sized Spinner.

    I was there Sat and Ina introduced me to Joy. My session with Ina was good but wished I would have explored Joy instead. Next time.
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    Review: Dream - CiCi. “I think I’m in love”

    Friday I was not sure whether to try Cici or Coco. I Coco because you prob had Cici. I also had great time. Dream is back to having a bunch of hot ladies providing top service. I find them to be a little more open than GDS.
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    Review: Dream Spa - Coco_ Ina-Suki level Master..

    What is the x account?
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    Review: Dream Spa - Yoko

    I thought Yoko was excellent in every possible way.
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    Review: Dream Spa - The New Yoko FOB with A Very Nice Petite College Cheerleader Like Body.

    All the new girls look pretty in the photos. Have you seen the others and how would you rate them?
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    Review: Dream Spa - Yoko

    What it twitter page? Last one I had showed suspended
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    Review: GDS - Monica cute GND

    Saw her this morning. Very sweet girl, true spinner.
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    Review: Dream Spa - Ina

    I think service of Ina and Suki at Dream are the best. GDS has some beautiful girls but I rate the service a notch below these 2 and now Suki is gone.
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    Review: GDS - Newest Addition Mia

    I saw her at Golds a couple of years ago and thought she was an absolute beauty and very good provider. The owners of these Spa’s find beautiful girls that provide top service. I really have a hard time choosing there. Great review as always.
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    Review: 1074 Vivian once again

    What’s the twitter
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    Review: Luna 202/206

    Who is hotter Winter or Luna?
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    Review: Good Day Spa Angela

    Who is number 1?
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    Review: 365 - Apple has some Magnificent Apples

    What is there Twitter?
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    Review: 365- Sophia

    What is the Link to the Twitter?
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    Review: Dream - Ina. I get it now.

    Anya was very GFe experience for me.
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    Review: Dream - Ina. I get it now.

    Ina and Suki at Dream are neck and neck for the top providers. Anya and Xixi were stars at Dream in the past. Overall I find Dream very consistent.
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    Walmart parking lot.

    Parking in another lot and walking over looks more suspicious than just parking in the lot.
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    Time to wait

    I have never had an issue getting appt at Dream and them honoring it.