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    Review: Rae at Wall Street Desires

    Title: Review: Rae at Wall Street Desires Date: Nov 12, 2020 Phone: 917-622-9836 City: New York State: Ny Location: Downtown Wall Street area Age Estimate: 31 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Nice legs, nice boobs, C cup Private Details: Called up and was told Rae was working...
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    Review: Tammy at AD

    Any idea if pictures are accurate?
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    Review: Stacy Asian Desires Review

    Nice, next time go for the full hour. It’s even more fun.
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    Review: Stacy @ AD

    Nice review! She has great service. I would be curious to know about this too. Most expensive I’ve had is 500 for hour, and the cbj was really lame. Would have much preferred time with Stacy.
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    Review: Stacy AD

    Stacy and Flora if you go this week, Yoyo is out on vacay. Well worth it
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    Review: Team Flora Forever @AD

    Saw her late this morning! Great time
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    Review: Lovable Nikki of Lassies

    Wasn’t Nikki going back soon? Any idea how much longer she’ll be here?
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    Review: Yoyo and Stacy @ AD

    Hah! It’s all the cash he saved not going out for 7 months!!!
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    Review: Yoyo at AD

    Good review of the double with Yoyo!
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    Review: Yoyo and Stacy @ AD

    Nicely done! Congrats on a great time and getting requests fulfilled!!
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    Review: AD - Flora

    Nicely done. Very well done review, and Flora is apparently back today
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    Review: Flora and Stacy @ AD

    Sigh you lucky dog! Sounds like an awesome time! I would personally be curious about a Yoyo Stacy double. Especially if you could get the two to interact. Not sure if you asked for this if they’d be ok with it.
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    Review: Jessica at Asian Desires

    That could be a Zen koan I think
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    Review: Jessica at Asian Desires

    DFK was good, boobs I think are natural but I’m not always a good judge. I’ve been with some girls who I thought were soft and natural and then read later reviews that they were man made. So I guess I’m not a good judge of boobage! Lol
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    Review: Shirley PH

    Shirley is a blast! Lots of fun and very enthusiastic! Just ask her to makes lots of noise! Lots of fun
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    Review: Yoyo at AD

    Anyone try doubles with her?
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    Review: Yoyo at AD

    Thanks for review. Yoyo is a blast!
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    Review: Jessica at Asian Desires

    Title: Review: Jessica at Asian Desires Date: Sep 23, 2020 Phone: City: New York State: NY Location: Ktown Age Estimate: 32 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Pretty gnd, skinny legs, C/D cup, shoulder length curly hair. Private Details: Called last night to see if anyone new...
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    Review: DONY - Jasmine, true GFE spinner

    Nice review! Is Dony pretty easy to setup with?