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    Amber Lynn vs Hara-- who gives better head?

    Nikki was a lot of fun though overall.
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    Review: Nicol - ORMCH

    Great review. Are the photos on the site real?
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    Review: Himeka at myluxeescape

    I think he meant Marc is the handler for Iris the Korean girl who is also on Kim's (Bookersol) roster.
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    Hands on Boutique | Worth it or not?

    I miss those days. I had some great times there. One excellent provider insisted on a second round saying "I'm not done with you yet." I used to check out 1219 Autobody too and back then if Hands On didn't have a great lineup. Prices were decent too back then. But no more from what I've heard...
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    Amanada @vipspot is Jisoo from KG

    Great intel. Thanks!
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    Review: Sara No. 1 MSG

    I actually don't know her age, but I am guessing she is around 60 because of contextual clues she tells me about her personal/family life. Either way she keeps up with herself and looks great for her age, I'd say. Most of all, she knows how to have a good time at work in my experience.
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    Review: Sara No. 1 MSG

    Title: Review: Sara No. 1 MSG Date: Dec 23, 2023 Phone: (551) 697-8909 City: Jersey City State: New Jersey Location: downtown House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .6 HF 1.2 tip Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: 60 Physical Description: Naturally curvy, natural dark skin, average face...
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    Review: Suki - My Luxe Escape

    Title: Review: Suki - My Luxe Escape Date: Aug 23, 2023 Phone: 929-988-0059 City: Jersey City State: New Jersey Location: downtown House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $$.30 1/2 hour Nationality: Japanese Age Estimate: 22 Physical Description: Average body, tiny breasts, cute and nice...
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    Gisella vs Aurora vs Koreanna

    As a sports guy, I love Judge Kavanaugh's analogies, but for me it boils down to if I've already seen peak Jordan with my hard-earned ticket money, it may time to check out the new up and coming stars, maybe a Vince Carter or Dwyane Wade. So when some of the older classics are charging that...
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    Gisella vs Aurora vs Koreanna

    Thanks for all the intel. I saw Cherry in 2020 at Asian Lassies and I appreciate your guys' insight on how she's changed.
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    Gisella vs Aurora vs Koreanna

    Never mind, I figured in out based on Google and past clues.
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    Gisella vs Aurora vs Koreanna

    Where is Cherry DD coming back to? She may be the correct answer to the OP depending on the price point in which she comes back.
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    Return of Chanel/Aurora Confirmed

    But Koreanna's website clearly states she is 25 :)
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    Review: Sakurai - My Luxe Escape

    In regards to real photos or not, this is part of the business unfortunately. We can all vote with our wallets and collect intel from sites like this. I do like certain places because they use real photos, but sometimes you try out a new spot and if you decide it's not for you, then just don't...
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    Review: Sakurai - My Luxe Escape

    For the commenters: 1. I've never been to the places in Passaic. 2. Sakurai is tiny, so 94 lbs. may be accurate. She's not super skinny like some might like. 3. I always do a 1/2 hour with no extras, so I don't have any opinions on specials.
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    Review: Sakurai - My Luxe Escape

    Title: Review: Sakurai - My Luxe Escape Date: May 23, 2023 Phone: 929-988-0059 City: Jersey City State: NJ Location: near waterfront Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Japanese Physical Description: really short, really pretty face Private Details: So I heard from MMS Kim that she is...
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    Nicole Doshi sighting

    I'm glad I took the plunge with her when I did. I opted for the full suite of services and she went all out for me. It was intense from beginning to end and we even ended going over time. She invited me to go to Montreal with her and Tiffany in jest, but she seemed like such a fun person that I...
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    Nicole Doshi sighting

    I would've asked for her autograph knowing full well that she doesn't remember that I had a lot of fun with her in the past.
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    Review: Sarah Renee

    Great review and I appreciate you sharing your intel here.
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    Review: Jessica ORMCH

    Excellent review with your perspectives well-framed. Thank you.