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    Review: Bibi - 41 Spa

    just curious, why the shade on jade45?
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    Might have been scared straight

    was it morning, afternoon, evening or late night?
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    Review: Helen at DDY

    nice looking women but the rate is costly
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    Review: ues-lily

    Title: Review: ues-lily Date: Apr 18, 2022 Phone: 6463861088 City: nyc State: ny Location: ues Age Estimate: mid 30s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: cute face, slim, small boobs Private Details: was in the area with an itch. buzzed up. walk up to 2nd floor. greeted by the...
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    Review: 43rd st-tina?

    Not sure the name but the seems correct
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    Review: Venezula and Dominica in Bronx

    where in the bronx?
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    Review: 43rd st-tina?

    sorry about that 80hf. .2 tip
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    Review: 43rd st-tina?

    Title: Review: 43rd st-tina? Date: Dec 17, 2021 Phone: 929-588-7099 City: ny State: ny Location: google Age Estimate: 35? Nationality: Korean Physical Description: 5'4". thin. bcups. cute and very friendly Private Details: made the call and told to come over. clean facilities. mms...
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    cross the line

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    cross the line

    i have been going to a local legit amp for the past month. i always ask for the same woman because she gives a great massage. the first time, she kinda massaged around jr without touching. each time i go back more teasing is involved. the last time on the flip, while she was massing my arm...
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    Review: lotos spa-ues

    Title: Review: lotos spa-ues Date: Sep 8, 2021 Phone: google City: ny State: ny Location: ues Age Estimate: 30s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: thin, natural c. Private Details: i didnt get the name of the woman but she had long black hair, normal body. ok face. went for...
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    true but was good to know areas where amps were
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    the listings now are completely not helpful. just give #s. no locations/hrs. pretty useless
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    sky spa down

    walked past the 50th st spa and saw a red sticker on the door stating for immediate vacancy for health code violations
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    Review: 24/7 Asian

    phone # is incorrect
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    Review: spa 66

    Title: Review: spa 66 Date: Jun 14, 2021 Phone: 2129888566 City: ny State: ny Location: e66th Age Estimate: 40? Nationality: Korean Physical Description: soso face. thin, small chest Private Details: located in the basement of a building. rang bell, lilly brought me in. went to the...
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    Review: east78th st

    Title: Review: east78th st Date: Apr 29, 2021 Phone: 212-961-6233 City: nyc State: ny Location: ues Age Estimate: 35? Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: skinny, ok bod, ok face Private Details: heard good things from this site regarding this spa, also ads have pics of 2 girls...
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    24 hr non asian spots?

    was looking more for a spa than becoming a sugar daddy but thanks
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    24 hr non asian spots?

    i like to visit spas before work so im looking for a non asian place that operates early am ie 4-7am. ive been to several of the asian joints and would like to try others for change of pace