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    Review: Liang Foot spa - Yuna

    Pretty sure it means she’s of average build for her height (height/weight proportional)
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    Review: Liang FootSpa

    Me too, I hope the price stays @$35/hr.
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    Review: Saigon

    Title: Review: Saigon Date: Sep 7, 2019 Phone: Don’t know City: Philadelphia State: Pa Location: Chinatown Age Estimate: 28 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Soft and curvy Private Details: Was out with a friend who wanted to go. Went upstairs and was buzzed in, several girls...
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    Review: Linda at Ardmore Reflexology

    Lena is very attractive. I went there for the first time (no appointment) and the door was locked. Beautiful woman opens the door, asks if I have an appointment. I said no, she told me to schedule one and I walked off flustered . Called back for her name so I could schedule appropriately.
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    Review: Amora Ardmore

    Only saw her when I was there.
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    Review: Amora Ardmore

    Title: Review: Amora Ardmore Date: Jul 7, 2019 Phone: Google City: Ardmore State: Pa Location: Near T.H. Age Estimate: 40’s Nationality: Thai Physical Description: Attractive mature, long dark hair, nice figure Private Details: First visit. Not much different that hasn’t already been...
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    Review: Liang Foot Spa

    I’ve been here twice now. No extras, but a very good therapeutic massage for $30/hr (!!!)