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  1. doctorjeff

    CP reviews?

    It’s always good there
  2. doctorjeff

    LE at Spring Rose

    Someone needs to toftt. Lol got a text too
  3. doctorjeff

    LE at Spring Rose

    Saw 2 police cars. Saw one girl on the curb being loaded. Not sure about the others
  4. doctorjeff

    LE at Spring Rose

    Can’t say they were supposed to have 3 new girls this afternoon. Just glad I didn’t arrive sooner
  5. doctorjeff

    LE at Spring Rose

    Was just by Spring Rose and the where loading a girl in the car
  6. doctorjeff

    Review: Spring Rose - Kiki

    3 new girls this week
  7. doctorjeff

    Review: Spring Rose Spa - Miya

    Had the walkin happen to me there as well
  8. doctorjeff

    Review: CP - Kiss

    Yes you do!
  9. doctorjeff

    Review: CP - Kiss

    Don’t believe so. I saw her last night
  10. doctorjeff

    Review: Healthy Spa

    Title: Review: Healthy Spa Date: May 21, 2023 Phone: (610) 412-4888 City: Limerick State: Pa Location: Waltz golf Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Skinny Private Details: Saw Anna here. Climbed the stairs and assume the position Standard massage. But some...
  11. doctorjeff

    Review: EG: Ruby... is she a gem?

    Saw Ruby last night. Great time very skilled
  12. doctorjeff

    Review: CP - Sira

    CP is worth the cost of admission Far about your typical AMP
  13. doctorjeff

    Review: Independent-Gigi

    Found her not reliable
  14. doctorjeff

    Classy Philly vs Amp

    Looks like Gloria is the only one working at this time
  15. doctorjeff

    Lilly Exton

    anyone have any info on Independent Lilly In Exton?
  16. doctorjeff

    Review: Isabelle - KoP

    No problem with the screening. Always a problem scheduling
  17. doctorjeff

    Classy Philly vs Amp

    I vote for Classy Philly (y)
  18. doctorjeff

    Need Info - Gigi in Phoenixville

    Can never schedule with her. Not sure why she bothers