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    Review: Angelica STG

    She is a sea hag.
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    Review: Mercer Healing - Eva

    Strictly therapeutic?
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    Any smaller/petite/etc girls with huge tops?

    Vicki Vayne. Tiny girl, hige tits (natural) she is a real sweetheart.
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    Review: Wandy Princeton

    Absolutely. Too risky.
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    Remember the days when.....

    Whatever happened to Rachel aka Lil' Helper?
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    Review: Wandy Princeton

    Red Roof Inn
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    Review: Mature Lucia STG

    I saw the Lucia in the pics about 3 months ago. She was fantastic, a real sweetheart. I think someone is using her pics and reputation because these reviews do NOT sound like the woman I was with.
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    Deposit scam stories

    Anyone on here ever pay a deposit that was NOT a scam? I am so tired of arguing with providers over the lame excuses they offer to justify what is always a bullshit scam.
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    Best place for a true Nuru massage?

    Phone # or address for Paradise in Philly?
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    Review: Judy-Bamboo Waters

    Just left a session with Judy. Exact same experience as you described. Not worth it.
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    Review: Nishal - Indian

    Same experience basically for me. Wish I had seen your review instead of another one that claimed she was good.
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    Princeton Asians

    The Princeton Asians are a pain in the ass. Almost without fail the setup phase falls apart and then I end up getting harassed with emails telling me to pay them or they will slaughter me and my family...usually accompanied with gory photos. Not worth the hassle.
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    Review: Heaven Spa

    Reviews on either?
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    Review: Sun Tui Na: Lina

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    Sun Tui Na busted?!

    Here's the notice.
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    Sun Tui Na busted?!

    Wow. If that is true, they are incredibly stupid...and reckless. I won't be visiting if they ever reopen. Risky behavior like that usually does not go away.
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    Sun Tui Na busted?!

    That's meaningless. Their website is a placeholder and is no guarantee they will be back.
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    Sun Tui Na busted?!

    Called Sun Tui Na about 30 minutes ago. No answer. Since I was in area, stopped by. Three guys walking around in parking area gave me strange looks. One had a clipboard and looked like possibly a government official. I have never been there before. Could it possibly be they got busted?