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    Review: Anna @ BarbieDolls NY

    Title: Review: Anna @ BarbieDolls NY Date: Jun 17, 2024 Phone: 5167277277 City: Manhattan State: NY Location: Empire State Building House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 160 Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: 40 Physical Description: Long Black Hair. Nice body with small tits and and great hip...
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    Review: Stephanie @ Paradise Spa

    Ended up going back last week and caught her on her last day there. Did the VIP hour and went super saiyan on that booty. :oops:
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    Review: Stephanie @ Paradise Spa

    $$.2 for the hr $$$ for the vip hr I’ve asked before and the regular hour doesn’t include msog. Never seen the same girl twice here so I’ve never risked going for the vip. If I’m paying that much I’d rather go somewhere like nyaf or sg where I have a better idea of what I’m walking into
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    Review: Stephanie @ Paradise Spa

    Title: Review: Stephanie @ Paradise Spa Date: Jun 12, 2024 Phone: 9297883338 City: Manhattan State: NY Location: Time Square House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $.6 Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: Early 30s Physical Description: Light Skin with and very curvy. MM Top and bottom but not...
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    Review: Review: Foxy Bodywork - Valentina

    They’re reviewed pretty often. Look up foxy bodywork rather than foxy spa
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    Review: Paradise spa - tina

    Yeah it really is hit or miss. I miss when they used to have a bed and chair in each room.
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    Review: Taylor the Throat @ SG

    Title: Review: Taylor the Throat @ SG Date: Apr 11, 2024 Phone: 929-515-8188 City: New York State: NY Location: Bryant Park Area House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 340 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: Mid to Late 30s Physical Description: Plump and Stocky. Nice Rack, Flat As, Pudge in...
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    Is the 23rd st FH back open?

    Plumber cost more than what they charge
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    Review: Independent Coco

    the rate was pretty standard with what I’ve seen in her other reviews. Very few places you can get any service at all for $100 or less in Manhattan. Thanks for your input.
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    Review: Independent Coco

    Title: Review: Independent Coco Date: Feb 2, 2024 Phone: 917-740-8888 City: New York State: NY Location: Near K-Town House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $.2 All In Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40s Physical Description: Dark Hair Tied Up in A Bun, Short and stocky body with some huge...
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    Bring back the 23rd st Hispangalish Spa and make Manhattan Fast Houses Great Again

    I wish the spa that was run out of this place before it became the fast house would come back. Used to have a rotation of Latin and Asian girls. It was slightly more expensive but managed way better and had a useable shower. When management switched over it was day and night.
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    Looking for top level soft touch

    Kelly from Moon River left a huge void that has yet to be filled
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    Review: Queen Rogue

    I would have gone for Julianna once I found out she was there. How much would the double have been?
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    Has a sex worker ever spent money on you?

    Have had a provider give extra time, services, or even sessions for no charge. Had one bring me home cooked lunch as well.
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    Which political party is best for our hobby?

    We lost Craigslist under the conservative watch. That’s all I have to say.
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    Review: Gaby @ E Midtown Latinas

    2 pops for the hour?
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    Review: Natalie @ ChelseaBodyRub

    Is this different from Chelsea Body Works? Someone else said that spot was completely legit
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    Seeking Arrangments (& other Sugar Daddy sites)

    So is this still worth it in 2024 or not?
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    Review: Gaby @ E Midtown Latinas

    Hah do they charge extra for drinks? Had no clue they had a west side location. Same number?