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    Review: monah indy

    how did the door man respond ? I wonder if he’s had a round with her lmao
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    Review: SDS-Sasa

    Title: Review: SDS-Sasa Date: May 25, 2024 Phone: 914-320-3922 City: Westchester State: NY Location: New Roc House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 160 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: Early 20s Physical Description: Roundish Face, MM Ds, , pretty smile, mom bod, obvious c section scar...
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    Review: Aunty Mona super busty milf

    Some nice details in here ! lol at the att voice, have been debating on seeing her, maybe sometime in the near future
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    Review: Bobo Indy - Ass man conversion

    Title: Review: Bobo Indy - Ass man conversion Date: Apr 27, 2024 Phone: 347-245-0598 City: Flushing State: NY Location: Flushing Main St House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .12 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 49 Physical Description: Large veiny DDs , pale complexion , about 5’5 Private...
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    Review: Ayodhya/Nishu Spa - Moroccan Sarah

    Waiting for weeks and nothing getting FS is crazy but to each our own haha
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    Review: Lucy- NYSE

    Didn’t she also go by Jenny at foxy spa?
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    Review: City spa - Arie the Big Titty Goat

    Title: Review: City spa - Arie the Big Titty Goat Date: Mar 3, 2024 Phone: 9292480566 City: New York State: New York Location: Mid town House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 260 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: Late 40s Physical Description: Big rack , cute toes, pretty face, smooth skin...
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    Review: EZ-Booker/Aces -French Sofy

    Your a trooper for staying we salute
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    Review: Lisacuber - FNY88

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    Review: FNY88 - Annabella

    You know it’s a legit review when it’s given a no , wondering about yesisi too looks like a smoke show
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    Review: Indy Indian Michelle

    Your right I was probably too lenient with my rec, I’d probably not return but for 80 bean I guess it could be worse ?
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    Review: Indy Indian Michelle

    Title: Review: Indy Indian Michelle Date: Dec 23, 2023 Phone: (347) 624-4917 City: Queens State: NY Location: Queens Village House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 80 Nationality: Laos Age Estimate: 40-45 Physical Description: Short, Very busty, okay butt, decent face Private Details: So I...
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    Review: Tatted (Gabriela) - FNC88

    Thank you for your service , I wonder who actually writes these they’re actually pretty well written and would fool me
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    Review: Kimber - NYAF

    Why would she mention how many dudes she banged , not sure if that’s a negative or positive
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    Review: Aria -RS8

    Title: Review: Aria -RS8 Date: Nov 20, 2023 Phone: 9296766606 City: New York State: New York Location: Flat Iron House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 380 Nationality: Japanese Age Estimate: 23 Physical Description: About 5’3, beautiful curls , thick lips (which is why everyone thinks she’s...