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    Review: Massage Quest- Collegeville

    let me help you out. The provider this reviewer had, her name is Annie. She was here before covid and is the only girl here that can pass for 30. You're all welcome
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    Review: Massage Quest- Collegeville

    no one drops names anymore. i think the pandemic has created an iq deficiency
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    Review: Jiankang

    how hard is it to get a name.... wow
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    Review: Collegeville massage - Cici

    take note gentlemen. This is a SOLID review. all the details are here. He didn't over explain or skimp on any details. 10/10 review sir!
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    Review: JianKang Massage

    does this count as a review?
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    Review: Massage Quest... new upsell tactic

    Title: Review: Massage Quest... new upsell tactic Date: Jun 30, 2020 Phone: City: Collegville State: PA Location: redners shopping center Age Estimate: 40+ Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: short. thin. not in shape tho. mom B cup. Private Details: Wore mask inside. Got Jeanie. led to...
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    Review: 309

    great review
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    Review: Collegeville Massage Quest - no name

    ....... fair point! haha u got me there. On the other hand, lets try our best in these times, to post as much detail as possible, name, frame, etc.
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    Review: Yang's Massage

    oh did i write that i care? no.. I didnt snowflake.
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    Review: Yang's Massage

    true. this guy only has 40 days left haha. hes begging for a re-up with this trash review. no name, no details, no point.... shameful attempt "eerrrrrrrrrrrr i got A massage and den i left"
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    Review: Collegeville Massage Quest - no name

    we're dropping reviews from months ago? shit should have been posted already. Oh hey, let me post this awesome review from 6 months ago. All the details will clearly be on point... prolly wont even get the name right
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    Review: Collegeville Massage Quest - no name

    isnt this place closed bc of the caronavirus?
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    Review: Massage Quest - Jenny

    how was the btop?
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    Review: Bridgeport

    how big was the btop?
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    Review: Body Health

    just post the damages snowflakes
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    Review: Golden Spa - Sunny

    what she look like?
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    Review: Lu Massage

    i almost threw up at "chunky"
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    Review: Evergreen

    thats how you write a review right there. None of that PM bs. physical desc could be better though
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    Review: The Nails 2 - Lisa

    she made you walk out with your own shit all in your hand? I would have dumped that shit in the first trash can i saw inside. Thats not only immoral, thats not even business appropriate. I dont give a shit what i put in this paper towel, you provided it, it gets dumped here.