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    Review: Alluring Alana White Indie

    Title: Review: Alluring Alana White Indie Date: Feb 11, 2022 Phone: 347 687 5207 City: New York State: NY Location: Midtown hotel incall Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: Slim, fit and toned. Girl next door. Accurate pictures in her ads Private Details: Was...
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    Review: Kate Blonde Russian Doll

    She is great. That alcohol control thing is funny-I tried to google it, could not find anything. Not that I want to quit
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    Review: Kate the talkative Russian

    Tracking her on RR is your best shot. She could be difficult to get a hold of, but you will enjoy your time.
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    Review: Oxana/Kate

    Kate offers a short stay for a Benjamin-if you are on the fence, try that option. Also if you want more massage before tease, ask her-she is quite cool.
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    Review: FitNCute French Bridgette

    My gut told me to avoid this one-just based on email exchange. Now the reviews confirm it! Alway appreciate the heroes who TOFTT-thank you
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    Waxing Shaving Laser Sugaring

    Both-for the sake of statistics
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    Waxing Shaving Laser Sugaring

    Seeking a poll here. My provider friends strongly recommend Laser. Of the other 3, I find sugaring best. Thoughts?
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    Review: Oxana/Kate

    This is standard damage-that is Kate’s style. There was no penetration-as the review hints.
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    How do you ask if the place will do hj?

    If they say “ take everything off”, all your clothes—then HE is available. If they say no nudity, that is your hint.
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    Midtown Bathroom

    Hilton Garden Inn -you need to be buzzed in these days-true with couple of others hotels where I meet my SB. Reception watches and questions anyone without a keycard. New safety protocol.
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    Review: Kate / Oxana

    Typically if she posts on Rubratings on a given day, she is available. She is a treat worth trying. After first visit she gives you her private number.
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    Shared finances.

    Keep stashing a 50/100 here and there. I also keep emergency cash for vacations, that 500 Is often unused and goes towards the hobby.
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    Non local Indys

    I have had a few good experiences with visitors-typically based on a review on this site
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    Midtown Bathroom

    Extra metamucil the night before...
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    GFE NYC, when did it start ?

    My first experience in the late 90s was through an agency in Boston -college girls and quite gfe. In NYC first GFE was at Jilli@n Br@dleys (wall st area) and then I made some great finds from ads at the back of New York magazine and NY Observer.
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    Review: ORMCH - Alina

    These tourists(visitors) are a great treat for us!
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    BEST day/time to visit an AMP?

    Mornings and really bad weather days are the best. Also slow times-Jewish holidays, around long weekends. Or else when Junior is in the mood treat him!
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    Clock watching...

    Just checking how long providers(indies) hang out with you once you become friendly? I have experienced anything from 90 minutes to 4/5 hours for the base rate.
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    Review: Regina

    I am a bigger Oxana/Kate fan
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    Trying new vs sticking with old

    I try probably a handful of new ones (Indies)every year-sometimes you get a keeper or at times a traveling lady is fun too. Problem with indies is it is a ymmv situation and when you get the extra mileage it can be amazing and it keeps getting better.