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  1. DavidGLD

    Review: Buxom Angela at Cream Dream Spa

    Angelas and Sophias are natural?
  2. DavidGLD

    ISO Natasha of MAGFE fame

    Medium sized fridge.
  3. DavidGLD

    Libido/abstinence prior to visit

    This hobby may take the load off.
  4. DavidGLD

    Do real PAAG's Actually Exist?

    Inflated egos to the moon.
  5. DavidGLD

    The Thickest Thighs Debate

    MAGFE Natasha?
  6. DavidGLD

    Do real PAAG's Actually Exist?

    haven't been there in over 2yrs now.
  7. DavidGLD

    Do real PAAG's Actually Exist?

    Sha-Sha @bally Spa Astoria Queens back in 2019.
  8. DavidGLD

    Do real PAAG's Actually Exist?

    They exist! Yes!
  9. DavidGLD

    Small tits?

    Hey, I'm looking for xx chromosome females.
  10. DavidGLD

    Non-white Guys Experience at AMP's

    Most white guys are not attractive. I'm not white but I'm very handsome. I've no problem with asians.
  11. DavidGLD

    Review: Holy Hanabi - Yume PP

    age hard to tell? why not just provide a range?
  12. DavidGLD

    Review: Green Rivage Spa-Angela?

    she's infamous for providing very low quality service. hence why she bounces around amps constantly.
  13. DavidGLD

    Review: Meat and Greek with Helen - BG

    get him to the greek..
  14. DavidGLD

    Review: Arie - 41spa

    yes, but you're not allowed to touch too long.
  15. DavidGLD

    Review: new palace - suzy

    Title: Review: new palace - suzy Date: Jun 5, 2022 Phone: 3479909511 City: Elmsford State: NY Location: s. central ave Age Estimate: 45+ Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: sultry look, hot mess, man-made Ds Private Details: needed to unwind after a very long bike ride. took the...
  16. DavidGLD

    Review: Arissa Spa; Angela

    i agree. she may not have the greatest nose job but it's not the nose i go see her for.
  17. DavidGLD

    Review: Arie - 41spa

  18. DavidGLD

    Review: Busty Candy at Spa 31

    Mad sus.
  19. DavidGLD

    Review: Laura - GRS (Westchester)

    this is good news.
  20. DavidGLD

    My Hall of Fame, gone but not forgotten

    Does anyone remember Spa 22?