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    Review: Lucy in the EHT? With TOP Therapy?

    I believe it is in Egg Harbor City, not Egg Harbor Township
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    I think you mean Rosemary. If so, she moved down south last year.
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    Jenna from Nikki's Touch

    Thanks for that update. I thought the prices quoted and inflated prices were questionable. I wonder if Jenna is behind this or if not, aware of someone using her persona.
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    Jenna from Nikki's Touch

    I believe they are somewhat higher.
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    hubcap pyramid bhp

    I'm sure this will get some attention from Nikki's former fans.
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    hubcap pyramid bhp

    That was the location of Nikki's Perfect Touch. Not sure if there was a Brazilian there.
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    Review: Poppy kings spa

    Indeed, time to move on.
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    Has anyone every tried this place?

    I was there two years ago and saw Nikki, who I have not seen on STG anymore. I did in fact bring a bottle of wine. She was very Meh. I have also been tempted to see Harley but still trying to get more info about her.
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    Review: Soothing Day Spa - Hammonton - Angie I think.

    It is actually Route 54.
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    Harley of south jersey.

    I believe she is a member of Miss Frisky's crew. I saw Nikki last year. Very meh session with an unenthusiastic HE.
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    Review: Victoria

    So many ads, with so many donation offers.
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    Review: Tina Sanitti

    Perfect evaluation. It's been about a year since I last saw her when I was in Philly for medical issues. I left her home very satisfied.
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    Review: Waterfall Spa

    So sad that she took advantage of you. I hope the works were worth it.
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    Review: Dee-American Massage

    Very similar experience for me, although I wasn't as prepared as you with the safety device. Nice to know if I visit in the future. Previous reviews also had me reluctant to participate in DATY as tempting as it is because her body is amazing.
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    Plenty of nearby on street parking available.
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    Any place to provide nuru?

    I agree, but based on the many reviews some will disagree.
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    Erotica - STG

    I suggest that we all make appointments with her and then ghost.
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    Going rates

    I agree. Let's try to take away the guess work.
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    Review: Tina south philly

    She is very reasonable. I think she asks for $80 but I could be mistaken. She never asks for the donation prior to the massage. Probably smart as I, and likely others, are so happy that they provide the fee and tip appropriately. I know I do!