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  1. salutebattery

    648 mms

    Let us know in private discussion if she comes back to the table after offsesaon.
  2. salutebattery

    Review: Lisa who's fun to be with & Full-Bush @ Hollywood

    Lol. Type O. I saw Wendy not Lisa. When I was writing review I might be thinking about Lisa who I met last week or I'm gonna see next week.
  3. salutebattery

    Review: Jewely Spa with Lucy

    Only Asian?
  4. salutebattery

    Stone needs valet parking!

    It's a basically residential environment. The entrance of the driveway doesn't look like a typical parking lot of a small strip mall. I have a full size truck so I had some hard time too.
  5. salutebattery

    Review: Angel Wellness

    If parking is inconvenient, it gets hard for me to go.
  6. salutebattery

    Review: Coco spa/ Lucky

    I had thought CHS former 785 is the only place no need to worry about it.
  7. salutebattery

    Any mature russian at RMP?

    Lots of lackluster reviews for many years. Check them out.
  8. salutebattery

    LE at Dream today

    The title of the post should be changed like "LE at Dream last Sunday".
  9. salutebattery

    Review: Lisa who's fun to be with & Full-Bush @ Hollywood

    Title: Review: Lisa who's fun to be with & Full-Bush @ Hollywood Date: Jun 3, 2024 Phone: 732-455-5006 City: Neptune Location: 2fl House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $$.0 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40/45 Physical Description: Petite, 5' with natural Bs, FULL BUSH, clean kitty, extra...
  10. salutebattery

    Review: Violet Oriental Yumi is Yummy

    According to your review, she chose a job really goes well with her. Can't imagine how many O and much money she'll get everyday.
  11. salutebattery

    References for MLE ?

    Hope the dick reads this.
  12. salutebattery


    Failure to renew the lease or eviction for some reasons?
  13. salutebattery

    Review: Apple - 365

    Does MM Cs look huge?
  14. salutebattery

    Any new members? My buddy can't create an account.

    Due to the issue, we probably have missed some veterans or active new bees who could be very helpful for this community.
  15. salutebattery

    Review: Green Vue Spa - Candy

    I believe there are 4 or 5 rooms available. And they usually have 2-3 providers. So If I need to wait in the hall, I'd just walk to save my time.
  16. salutebattery

    Any non asian places in central NJ?

    Search "Freehold". Hope you have a good time.
  17. salutebattery

    Review: Heaven is a Spa

    You took them out and enjoyed melons while HJ? If not, 30 would be a reasonable and fair service fee.
  18. salutebattery

    Review: Sparkle Spa - Cara

    No clean-up like TS or hot towels before the massage?
  19. salutebattery

    It’s that time again

    #3 -- High End Spa 4 girls for 40min 700 WTF!! 2 girls working on nips, 1 girl working on shaft and 1 for DATY? Lol