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    Never Do This Hobby Intoxicated

    It was and the funny thing is it had terrible reviews on here as well, but it was the first place I found open. Walked away thinking these people aren’t that rude at all. Lol that was a tough one.
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    Never Do This Hobby Intoxicated

    Went out recently in the city to meet a friend. We enjoyed a nice steak dinner and quite a few drinks. On my way home I decided why not stop for a quick massage. I went to the ATM and withdrew $500. 3 $100 bills and and 10 $20s. I got to the place and was told it was $90. The alcohol cause me...
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    Oldest providers

    Any contact info on her? Haven’t had much success. Thanks in advance if able to help.
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    Review: April

    Title: Review: April Date: Jun 23, 2023 Phone: 212-779-4211 City: Manhattan State: New York Location: New York House Fee and Tip (if applicable) Age Estimate: 65 Nationality: Vietnamese Physical Description: Nice Body an Fake Boobs Private Details: This was an interesting one for...
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    Best therapeutic massage in CNJ with R&T

    I stand by lily’s spa in Marlboro. Been going for years but just recently did they start with the R&T
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    Anyone seen her?

    Appreciate the feedback. Anymore you can share? Was actually planning on visiting her this weekend Becsuse I’ve heard nothing but great things. Now I’m hesitant. Thanks
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    Goddess Marissa

    Spoke to her. Deposits are a rumor.
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    Goddess Marissa

    Damn was very interested but don’t do deposits either
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    Goddess Marissa

    I apologize if I missed it, but I have not been able to find anything on her on these boards. Has anyone met up with Goddess Marissa who hosts out of a hotel in Edison? She almost seems too good to be true. She advertises as being into all these different fetishes but also specializes in...
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    Massages by Maddie

    not many bar pies in the area better than the saloon. Great local spot.
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    Massages by Maddie

    very familiar with that area. great bar right across the street that i visit often.
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    Flip Side Fetish?

    How was it when you went?
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    Flip Side Fetish?

    Been looking to try something new recently and came across ads for weekly parties hosted by Juliette Black. I’ve been researching and they seem to be legit and was wondering if anyone has attended one of these before. Would appreciate any information. Thinking about checking one out this week...
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    Review: Donna - Pom Pom Spa

    I went here a few weeks ago and never again. I could’ve sworn she said her name started with an L, but she was a Latina probably in her high 20s or early 30s. Worst experience of all time. She had zero interest and cost me $290. Glad to hear others are having good experiences here, Becsuse this...
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    Port Authority

    I’m back to commuting into the the city 3 days a week and looking for a good spot right by Port Authority Bus Terminal. Anyone have any good suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    Review: Kiss Kiss Pop - Ava

    Sorry. Is there anything this review is missing to get approved? Someone please PM if so thanks again .
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    Review: Kiss Kiss Pop - Ava

    Title: Review: Kiss Kiss Pop - Ava Date: Jul 23, 2022 Phone: 347-924-3322 City: NYC State: New York Location: 43rd Street Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Body completely average with a little stomach Private Details: Went out to dinner with a few friends last...
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    Any Gay MPs?

    I was also wonder this as well. I know there is Times Square spa. Heard mixed reviews but was curious if there was any info on others.
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    Review: Lily's Body Works

    Title: Review: Lily's Body Works Date: May 11, 2022 Phone: 732-972-9559 City: Marlboro State: NJ Location: Route 9 Age Estimate: 60's Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Old, big chested, flat ass Private Details: I have been to Lily's maybe 50 times in my life and never once...