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  1. Z

    Best ass in the bay?

    That's messed up bro... Sorry you have deal with this none-sense.
  2. Z

    Best ass in the bay?

    Dude... You need psychiatric help.
  3. Z

    AMPs with lineups?

    > I have only seen line ups outside of North America. I like the ones in Asia where it was a one-way mirror. I also like the clubs in Asia where the ladies had to wear evening wear. It was just pure eye candy. Any clubs' recomendations? Planning an international trip when flight ticket prices...
  4. Z

    Vegas recommendations

    20 years older. Great service though.
  5. Z

    Review: Zina LSC

    Solid review. Who are the other young ones (top 3)?
  6. Z

    Best/prettiest escort you have been with

    I searched online but couldn't find any info. Can you elborate which country or keywords to google?
  7. Z

    Korea-pie new arrivals

    Did you use google-image/tinyEye? I got 0 hits when I tried. Any better search engines alternatives?
  8. Z

    BGC verification?

    I just got asked to verify through, is this standard?
  9. Z

    Who is good at BGC now?

    Oops I meant Lala, not Laila.
  10. Z

    Who is good at BGC now?

    But Laila is beautiful and fit...
  11. Z

    Big booty, small waist recomendations?

    I think we all agree COVID made quality drop across the board, but photoshop skills are way up, so lets take a moment to congrats the org on that front! /s
  12. Z

    Apartment cosign for RA

    Bro... you said it yourself; little head is thinking here. Go rub one out, then see if you still feel the same.
  13. Z

    Review: Lulu - Skylink

    "Physical description: big". Lol
  14. Z

    Do you ever ask for PO's recommendation?

    JFC people are thick here; the POs keep tabs on all your asses! If a client is kind, generous, on time and never causes problems, they will get a good rec when asking for help. If you're the typical monger scum on the other hand, it gets the hose or else it puts the lotion in the basket.
  15. Z

    anyone try Cola? She was mentioned in the PAAG thread. Milf?
  16. Z

    BGC Lala is back!

    In a sea of bullshit reviews, this one is a true gem. Not a PO or fan-boy shill, just an honest review.
  17. Z

    Review: Lucy - LoveKSweetie

    Which other site? URL?
  18. Z

    Review: Lucy - LoveKSweetie

    Which board? thanks
  19. Z

    GFEI lineup, mine mini mo!