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    Review: Yuki - Xing Yao Foot Spa - Paramus

    Title: Review: Yuki - Xing Yao Foot Spa - Paramus Date: Aug 25, 2023 Phone: 201-546-1614 City: Paramus State: NJ House Fee & Tip (if applicable) Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 50s Physical Description: Average height and weight, large A or small B cups. Little bit of jiggle to her...
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    I Think I Need To Quit, Any Advice?

    I'm about another 10 yrs into this hobby than OP is. I've been fairly good at turning it on and off over the years with several 12 month or more stretches of zero hobbying. And during my hobbying stretches, I've been pretty good at controlling my spending. I've overindulged once or twice of...
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    Review: foot reflexology-yu yu

    Thanks for your review. Which day is she there? Mona usually gives each girl 1 day a week
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    Review: Kelly HnS Spa

    Title: Review: Kelly HnS Spa Date: Mar 15, 2023 Phone: 917-756-9191 City: Bardonia State: NY Location: Rt 304 Age Estimate: Looks mid 30s, but probably 40s or 50s Physical Description: Short, petite, nicely enhanced breasts just right for her small frame, little to no ass Private...
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    Jay at HNS

    Long time lurker here, but thought I'd contribute a bit. Been going to massage places in NNJ almost 20 yrs now but I went to this place for the first time about a week and a half ago. My attendant was Jay. Her appearance fit the descriptions of the many reviews here and she also said her name...
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    2 girl massage in Northern NJ?

    Almost any spa (legit ones too) will be willing to do 4 handers. It's double the money for them for the table and the hour, and it makes both the manager and girls happy because more work and money is being spread around. Sometimes, if it's slow, they won't even charge you for the 2nd house fee...
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    Spas with older providers?

    I also recommend Cindy at Pompton in Verona if you like super strong deep tissue type massage. Legit only
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    123 Clifford Str. Newark

    I really don't know anything about that. Never been offered bbfs with her and never asked for it either.
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    123 Clifford Str. Newark

    I saw Ruby a few days ago. It was a good session. Dunno anything else new.
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    Review: Lavendar Spa in Fair Lawn - Michelle

    Sounds like her. I'm still new to this board, so I miss a lot of other people's reviews, especially with the way the board was organized. Hopefully with this new setup, it'll be easier to keep tabs now that we have a dedicated north jersey section.
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    Review: Lavendar Spa in Fair Lawn - Michelle

    Title: Review: Lavendar Spa in Fair Lawn - Michelle Date: Feb 4, 2019 Phone: 551-223-7600 City: Fair Lawn State: NJ Age Estimate: 30s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Thin and fit. Younger than your average asian spa attendant. Not a great beauty or a knockout, but still...