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    Review: Annie @ Spring Flower

    Title: Review: Annie @ Spring Flower Date: Apr 10, 2023 Phone: 212-691-6888 Location: W 14th st Age Estimate: Mid 40 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: B natural, falt ass, milf body Private Details: Needed to get a good massage so I called them to see Annie. She is a friendly...
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    Review: LEISURE SPA - Sisi

    Anyone can verify OP's review?
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    Anyone try Sofi yet

    WT... She's perfect.
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    Review: Paradise Spa—Melina

    Love to read your reviews. Thanks. TD? PM.
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    Review: Lisa

    Not worth it? Pm please.
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    Review: Seven Star's new addition - Japanese girl, Aiyo.

    Sorry I missed that part. 2 Bens and 1 Jackson.
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    Review: Paola Pretty - Lear Talent

    It's hard to have a fully enjoyable time without providers' decent communication skills even though providers have a nice body and riding skills.
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    Review: Seven Star's new addition - Japanese girl, Aiyo.

    Title: Review: Seven Star's new addition - Japanese girl, Aiyo. Date: Jul 18, 2022 Phone: (212) 643-0609 City: Midtown Location: 37th st Age Estimate: 35 Nationality: Japanese Physical Description: Natural C, cute Japanese face, attractive Private Details: Ended up midtown after work...
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    Jewish Providers How old is she? Anyone saw her?
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    Review: Hainesport - So-Nee

    Any idea when Sunny gonna be back on her duty?
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    Review: Bliss Body Temple - Raven

    That's all?
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    Review: Bruna’s “friend”

    Tight body? No cellulite on her legs and butts?
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    Review: Seven star - Sugar

    Anyone knows where's Yuka now?
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    Review: Seven star spa - Yuka

    If someone ask me what is your dream/fantasy here then I'll answer having 4 hands with Yuka and Sugar.
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    Review: Taiwanese Sasa @ FlushingIncall

    Do Chinese and Taiwanese people look different? What's different or benefit?
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    Review: Seven star - Sharon

    I'm going to give another yes vote because she tried hard and finished the deed.
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    Review: Sunny spa - Red sweater

    Thx. Planning a trip this Sat.
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    Review: Chocolate goddess

    I got hard.
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    Review: Sunny spa - Red sweater

    Standard damage?
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    Review: One Year Later With Vicky

    Best review of the Month. How could I miss her tongue till today. Gotta reload quickly and will hit the road for another adventure!