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    Review: Review: Review: Sun Spa - Lisa (Repost) again I’ll ask.. only legit?
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    Review: Melody Spa - Angela

    I’m pretty sure this place has doors
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    Review: King Spa Lisa with PM

    I was going to say the same thing. How is this a PM??? It sounds like rubbing your taint.
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    Review: Diamond Spa - Lisa

    Just say you don’t want massage next time.
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    Review: Mandy/Mindy Healing Harmony

    Positive..on my second visit. Problem was, I gave her my phone number… what a mistake!!.. she texts too much. I had to block her.
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    Review: Mandy/Mindy Healing Harmony

    She will do fs.
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    Review: Falls Day Spa

    So in your opinion, who gives the best massage..
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    Review: Datang Spa

    Keeping my underwear on is a deal breaker for me. I would have politely denied service and walked out. I’ve done it at several locations. The last thing I want is oil all over my underwear.
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    Review: New City Sky Massage Spa - Legit (meh)

    I’m trying to brighten my
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    Review: Sunlight spa SUMMER

    It’s hard to change in this industry. Money gets a firm grip and won’t let go. I believe the only way someone changes is to leave this lifestyle.
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    Review: Sunlight spa SUMMER

    I find it hard to believe that Summer would do a 180. Once a Money hungry provider… always a money hungry provider. Even if it was an act, how long before she goes back to her true ways and influences all the other providers at this new spa? I’m still doing a hard pass on her and any spa she...
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    Review: Romantic Spa - Erica

    I’m with you brother . A little bit extra always does the trick
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    Review: J-She spa cindy

    As soon as they told me to keep my underwear on I would have bounced. That’s a deal breaker for me even at a legit spot.
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    Review: Forest Hills Reflexology- Julia

    Thanks for the honest review. The same mongers keep white knighting for this provider making it sound like she’s a slice of Heaven. I think I’ll pass!!
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    Review: Veronica - Sunday Spa

    [removed private details]
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    Review: Lucky feet- Mimi maybe

    I heard Ella is no longer there. Maybe Mimi replaced her?
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    Review: The one and only "AMAZING SPA"

    Seems like someone is trying to revive this dead spa. All the girls here are money hungry! Yo-yo dropped her pants and allowed pussy play??.. really? Haha
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    Review: (Repost) Kings Spa- Estefania

    Wow… just wow!!
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    Review: One NY Spa - Summer

    Is Kelly still running the place?.. seems like some recon is in order!!
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    Review: TaiChi 163- Cindy

    In my humble opinion, still legit with some tease. Has anyone gotten more from here?