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  1. J

    East Bay, now what?

    What's going on in EB? This area feels like a desert.
  2. J

    SL Health Center

    Anyone know what happened to this place? Popped in the other day since I had great providers in the past, and I walked out when I saw the two there that day. Will they be getting their previous lineup back?
  3. J

    Dresses and skirts

    Seriously, I'm not replying to PMs for this thread anymore.
  4. J

    Dresses and skirts

  5. J

    Dresses and skirts

    This thread came back from the dead. It's been months since this discussion was active and a lot has changed. Any information I mentioned earlier is no longer relevant, so there's no point in PMing me for details. And if you did and I didn't reply, now you know why.
  6. J

    Review: Livermore - Mini & Nina Duo

    OP: Describes super-hot sex scene Also OP: "I couldn't stand it for some reasons it makes me want to come soon"
  7. J

    Dresses and skirts

    You gotta DM me first, there's been too many to keep up with. And while you're at it, I'd like to know what you've discovered too
  8. J

    Review: Super Spa on Grand

    I was wondering about this place because of BP as well. Totally coincidentally I met one of the providers from there a little while ago in a completely different context and she told me they don't do full services there. I didn't necessarily believe her, mainly because I didn't want to lol.
  9. J

    Super on grand

    Oakland, anyone been?
  10. J

    Dresses and skirts

    Goddamn... That little town's GDP is gonna suddenly triple! It's gonna be gridlock on their little streets. Probably gonna have to repave 580 with all the traffic I've been sending their way.
  11. J

    Review: Lulu - Zen

    Title: Review: Lulu - Zen Date: Sep 30, 2022 Phone: City: Hayward State: CA Location: A and mission Age Estimate: 38 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Petite, cute, average (typical, nothing special about appearance) Private Details: Went late and Zen is...
  12. J

    Dresses and skirts

    Yeah, that's not one of them
  13. J

    Dresses and skirts

    IDK, I'm on a roll... it's hard to stop myself but ok.
  14. J

    Review: Cindy at rhymes with Macys

    Title: Review: Cindy at rhymes with Macys Date: Sep 17, 2022 Phone: (925) 574-3999 City: Livermore State: CA Location: Vasco Rd Age Estimate: 38 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Short, slender, nice body Private Details: Met at door in a dress, took my hand and led me to the...
  15. J

    Dresses and skirts

    I've tried to reply to everyone but got a little inundated. If I missed you, don't take it personally. Just dm me, that's easier to reply to
  16. J


    Anyone been to Sunshine?
  17. J

    Reno girls

    Right, so under ideal traffic (which it never is around here except maybe Sunday at 7am) it's 8 hr driving return trip instead of 12 hrs. That does make all the difference doesn't it I'd need a massage upon arrival in both directions. Sorry dude, no matter how you sell it Reno is not at all...
  18. J

    Big Flappy V lips

    Here's what you want
  19. J

    Reno girls

    Yeah, a 6 hr drive is pretty convenient when you think about it. And LV is only about 6 hrs from Reno, you should probably get a thread started for them too.