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    Review: Review: White/ K-Sed

    Yeah. She seems very shy about unprotected sex. No DFK, no DATY.
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    Review: White - KSeductress

    I had the same experience with bad breath. Her tongue was blue like if she ate some jolly ranchers. Not big on DFK either. Also, she is listed as completely shaven, but when I saw her, she had a little Asian girl bush.
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    Review: Eunseo @ LKS

    Title: Review: Eunseo @ LKS Date: Nov 29, 2022 Phone: (669) 758-1117 City: San Jose State: CA Location: NSJ Age Estimate: 25 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Close to photos, just a bit rounder Private Details: Visited LKS a few weeks back and was wanting to see someone new...
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    If you're the PO/Org Boss

    Ceroni’s ass was heavily overrated. Don’t get me wrong, It’s great. Reviews are swearing she’s a goddess. I didn’t find Ceroni’s service to be anything above the next girl. She’s just hot YMMV as always.
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    Hana @GFEI - 411

    Hana’s selfie video made me real intrigued. Was gonna visit if my schedule aligned. Sad to see her leave without an end date posted
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    Review: Emilia @ VF Return of the Soccer Mom Pornstar

    Same with me. She didn’t seem down to tongue wrestle
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    Filipina Providers

    what’s the damage?
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    Review: ViVi (and a little bit of Michelle) @ Oasis

    I went a couple times before the pandemic. The menu seemed limited to HJ. I came back during the pandemic (they’d open the store for me) and FS was on the menu. Haven’t been back since but I wonder if the full menu is still open
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    Review: GFEI

    No homo but how big is too big for her? Lol. You think 7 would be too much?
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    GFEI Outcall

    never did an outcall but also interested. What do y’all even do? You have to pick her up, bring her to a spot, and bang? Or do you wanna go on a date or something?
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    Sick of PS

    I saw Emilia at both places. Same girl, same face same tattoo.
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    Sick of PS

    Damn this photoshop bullshit is getting out of hand. Emilia had the most accurate photos on LKS’s site, and then she goes to VF and gets a random set that’s looks worse and is heavily photoshopped. What gives? I’m not expecting to get a selfie but I am hoping to know what I’m kinda signing up...
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    Review: GFEI Nixie

    I swear she was like mid 30s and I’m always one to give the girl the benefit of the doubt with age. Also, did y’all get the DT treatment too? I’m a little above average and she was the first girl to put 90% of me in her mouth. I felt her throat open up and get an extra inch in and damn it blew...
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    Review: Ai @ GFEi - Pretty w/ Tits & Ass for Days!

    If you wanna feel like a pornstar, Ai is for you. She had the exact same attitude. She was very responsive to DATY and you could see her abs flaring up while she was orgasming. I was skeptical about it being genuine, but I think it’d be too hard to flex all the muscles in your body at once...
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    Review: VF Emilia

    Is this the same Emilia from LKS? VFs Photos look waaay different than previous photos.
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    Review: Zia- LKS

    That post-nut clarity really does make you think, “huh maybe I don’t need to see a kgirl”
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    Any girls that Swallow?

    I’ve got a craving for a kinky lady. Swallowing really gets me. Any of you have luck with that? Recs?
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    Lets rate POs for a change.

    Just wanna take a moment to tell SKS’s PO to suck my nuts for ghosting after giving 4 references. Like fuck you dude!
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    Review: silky Throat Angelica diaz

    Googling the number made me think, DAMN THESE BBW HUNTERS WILL LOVE HER hahaha
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    Review: Joy- LKS

    You lucky fucks. The PO won’t even verify me to see Joah. I’m sure that’s music to y’all’s ears tho hahaha