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    Review: 24/4 - Mary

    Wow 160
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    Review: Wellness Spot

    They start to post on bedpage you all know what that means
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    Couple's massage

    She is asian so she checking it out you know how it is Chinese trust Chinese I will
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    Review: 4224 spa

    Did they move ???
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    Couple's massage

    Good afternoon my fellow hobbyist Anyone know of a place in Brooklyn to do a couples massage my gf want to see another female do a he on me
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    Bedpage bites the dust???

    It all back
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    Bedpage bites the dust???

    Wow it gone again
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    I been there she got great girls working for her she been in the business for like over 25 years
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    Can you pm me the price please
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    Review: Wellness Spot
  11. N

    Review: Wellness Spot

    They change there ad on Craigslist
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    Review: Cindy

    When was your first time when you seen her
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    Review: Miniature AMP-Julie

    It was my first time I see her at her place very nice apartment
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    Review: Jessica @ 890 Spa

    Does she have big breast
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    Brooklyn Table Showers...

    59 street I always have a amazing time
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    Brooklyn Table Showers...

    You can't go by some one review I want to one place and had a better service then another guy
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    Wide hip providers?

    Sheephead bay sunset park the Spanish ladies on bedpage
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    Brooklyn Table Showers...

    Go to 59 street between 8 Ave and 9 Ave
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    Review: Fake service or upsell

    Who can they report you too a cop yeah right they have to show.proof Or you can Sui them
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    Review: Jessica at 890

    Is that plus the house fee