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    Review: Sakura - Joy

    Most of these women just don’t seem to realize that if they put out a little effort to make you feel special they would have us lined up at the door like we are for Amy downtown
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    It’s getting cold this weekend…

    Annie at touched by angels. Largest soft ass I’ve ever seen on an Asian woman!
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    Review: Touched my Angels - Amy

    WOW that sucks….:what a terrible session! Makes me glad I saw the little sister that nobody ever picks first {Annie} who treated me like her favorite lover. Thanks for your honest review.
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    Review: Annie @ Touched By Angels

    She’s not necessarily the girl you would head straight for in a bar but definitely the one that you are happy that you took her home to fuck. She’s up for anything that you are into! But wait…… Annie told ME that I’m the handsome one and she loves my dick
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    Review: LoveKPhilly - Dash

    Saw her at EPM…. Provided me with a passionate GFE experience…..she’s very flexible with her cute body!
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    Review: Osaka Spa - Cherry

    Saw her many times back in the fun city days and she always provided a passionate GFE date. Looks like she’s arrived at the end of the road if this is what’s she’s become.
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    Review: EPM Betty

    I would have been a little disappointed with her appearance but probably would have stayed because most of my best dates have been with women about her age. Add on the fact that I took a blue pill and was horny with anticipation…….. no way I would have walked! Lol