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    Review: Dao Massage & Spa, Paoli---Nancy

    Now, if they were really creative, they'd find a way to utilize that drive through. Some kind of glory hole thing maybe?
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    Review: ClassyPhilly - CANDY wore me out!

    supercute in her photos too. That screening is too much for me though. Sounds so hott though!
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    Review: Hand Healing - New chick

    Holy fsck realy? Connie is my current all time champion! May have to get a map out and learn where "Maple Glen" is!
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    Review: Kandy-Douglassville

    Have had her on my to-do list a while now, how bbw is she?
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    Review: Sunflower- Lulu

    Was the one I saw two weeks ago that made me take some time off from that place. Gave her like 10000 thumbs down in review. That place had been on a major upswing, then, bleh.
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    Review: Sunflower- Lulu

    did they remove the doors in the last two weeks?
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    Review: Sunflower- Lulu

    You asked the same question 28 times already all over the fscking site. Relax and read.
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    Review: Sunflower- Lulu

    Is in those reviews. There is no TS in that location.
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    Review: Sunflower- Lulu

    I have written some reviews on this place. Is mostly an above average to exc3llent massage, and then after that ymmv
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    Review: Healing Path Spa - Ann

    Natural A's you say? I sense a callout tomorrow... *cough* *cough* ah yea I'm so sick guys I'm not coming in
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    Review: Dao Massage & Spa, Paoli---Nancy

    Awesome thanks for the intel! Also, they say the cheesesteak smell never comes out of a cheesesteak shop, unless you burn it to the ground. Did you smell cheesesteaks?
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    New in Paoli

    I just saw an ad for a grand opening of a new place on rt30 in Paoli. Seems it used to be a cheesteak place and some used car sales place in the past, but is now an AMP. Anyone in the area with intel? Always looking for new games. If you are in the area and want to check it out, PM me I...
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    Review: OK Spa - Mickey the Mouse

    wow great idea. Will ask for this next time.
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    Review: sunshine message

    Holy punctuation Batman! My third grade teacher is rolling over in her grave right now, and preparing to visit the backs of your hands with a metal ruler. Be ready!
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    Review: Columbiana - Indie in AC

    One of the mantras of my life, maybe is worth adding to the tatto collection!
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    Review: 309 Evergreen - Tera - A New Gem awesome experience

    Yea. How many gentlemen of culture, such as myself, did she say "no, no Tera tonight, she's booked," to, and we went elsewhere? If she let you look the lineup, would you have expected her to allow you to cancel with Tera? If you have some bonus points there ok you can cash them in on this...
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    How often do you monger ?

    As I'm fairly new to hobbying, I am trying out every AMP in the area, so it's probably more than I ought to, something like 3 times a week, this past week was five and I actually feel bad about doing that. I am beginning to settle now with providers or locations I like a lot, and more likely it...
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    What helps you last longer?

    Certainly bad for kidneys if not part of a workout routine that includes above average hydration. I have been drinking preworkouts of various brands but with ingredients simular to these for 30+ years, no problems, maybe YMMV. Wife is doctor and she never yelled at me for drinking it.
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    Review: Sunfower Spa - nah

    Yes. Of the 20 times there, the massages were at least a 9 each time, mostly 10's, prior to this last visit. Mama there, if you ask for "hard" massage, you will get it, and will enjoy it. If your only purpose is to get a good therapeutic massage that rivals legit places women take their girl...
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    Review: Massage Quest Linda

    Just got back from visiting Linda, her ST is awesome. Got right to it, and kept going back to it while doing the massage! I concur with all else in review, she's great.