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    Anyone checking out Sun Spa recently?

    Been catching up on reviews and was hoping the tall Japanese girl was still there. Guess she moved on.
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    Review: Thai Philly-Tina

    No idea. Didn't ask who else was working. I was a man on a mission, I pulled the number off google since I did a walk in. You can call and ask.
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    Review: Thai Philly-Tina

    Title: Review: Thai Philly-Tina Date: Apr 25, 2024 Phone: 267-709-9927 City: philly State: pa Location: 1613 snyder House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 200 Nationality: Thai Age Estimate: mid 30s Physical Description: 5 ft tall-mm d's-nice butt Private Details: Was in South Philly and was...
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    Review: Lavender Hana

    Considering somebody brought her name(Sky) up I guess I won’t be reporting it in.
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    Review: Lisa in Bensalem

    Thanks, I appreciate it.
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    Review: Lisa in Bensalem

    Is she a Russian woman? Been around for about 10 years?
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    Review: Lavender Spa - Michelle

    She keeps that place on the map. Tasty treat.
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    Review: Lavender Hana

    She can be almost too business like. Might stop in. I’ll grab her name if I do.
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    Review: Jenny Hand Healing

    Title: Review: Jenny Hand Healing Date: Jan 15, 2023 Phone: 215-646-7947 City: Maple Glen State: PA Location: Norristown Road Age Estimate: 28-30 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Small 5’2” 100 pounds…maybe Private Details: Up the never ending staircase and was greeted by...
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    Review: Hand Healing, 'Nicole'

    Nicole checks the boxes for me. Personality, Performance and looks. Always a fun time.
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    Review: Ya Mei Sophia

    Bad luck that day for you. That seems uncharacteristic for her. Maybe an isolated incident and unfortunately you were the victim.
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    Review: Pine Village Spa - Vicki

    Nice place. Many who have worked there may be a bit older, but more accommodating than similar spas. Clean also.
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    Review: Asian Massage- Wendy

    I’m wondering if an older woman named Kerri is still there. Definitely friendly crew in there. I used to go there frequently until the FS bug hit me.
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    Review: Asian Massage (Warminster) - Amy

    sign a waiver in case it’s your last massage lol. No need for her to be sent to jail if she goes too far;)
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    Review: Hand Healing- Jenny

    I saw her briefly the last time I was there. Will definitely take her if available next time. I usually see Nicole. Now I have a name to go with the face and body. Nice review too.
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    Lily’s in Bristol

    The area was great back in the day. A couple of strip joints and a few spas. If you liked the rough and dirty experience it was spot on.
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    Review: Yang Yang - maybe Tina?

    This was a nice spot a few years back…just before Covid. Have to try it again if I’m in the vicinity.
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    Review: Chung Dam Spa

    PM me if you pull the trigger. All the details please…Sounds promising…NOT
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    Review: Hand Healing-Nicole

    Title: Review: Hand Healing-Nicole Date: Dec 11, 2022 Phone: 215-646-7947 City: Maple Glen State: PA Location: Norristown rd. Near Giant Store Age Estimate: 33 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Short, pretty and fit Private Details: Needed a break from working in crappy weather...