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  1. J

    Review: STG - Evii

    Wow, I’ve been around a while, but never heard of the “I have to pay for the room” line. You TOFTT. Your next house fee is on us!
  2. J

    Review: Windsor Spring Wellness - Emma or Ena

    I’m beyond the whole “build a rapport with a provider” phase. That works for some people that want to slowly turn a therapeutic only provider into something more. My money is green and if you want any of it get on me and hold on tight!
  3. J

    Review: Windsor Spring Wellness - Sunny

    Title: Review: Windsor Spring Wellness - Sunny Date: Jul 4, 2024 Phone: (609)-799-7500 City: West Windsor Township State: NJ Location: Strip mall area near a Carlucci's and a gym. It's tucked away in corner next to an Asian restaurant. House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $75 - $0 Nationality...
  4. J

    Review: Windsor Spring Wellness - Emma or Ena

    Title: Review: Windsor Spring Wellness - Emma or Ena Date: Jul 4, 2024 Phone: (609)-269-8776 City: West Windsor Township State: NJ Location: Near a strip mall by several gas stations. If you pass a Jersey Mikes then you're in the right area. House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $75 + 0...
  5. J

    Review: Indy - Big Booty Judy

    That's great to hear! I have to table my scheduled visits this year due to family situations. Once all that is settled I'll be back over in Madrid for a while.
  6. J

    Review: Indy - Big Booty Judy

    No one forced me to do this. I could've said no or left at anytime (I left early). It was a bet amongst friends and I wanted to hold up my end of the deal. It was protected play anyway. Not making a bet to go raw on a STG woman. I'm not that ballsy. I do agree with you. Better looking providers...
  7. J

    Review: Indy - Big Booty Judy
  8. J

    Review: Indy - Big Booty Judy

    You have no idea how awful that stench was. I cannot, and will not ever do that again.
  9. J

    Review: Indy - Big Booty Judy

    Therapy, some beers with the boys, and some good times are all I need. We're half-way through the year. Let's live it up til the end, fellas!
  10. J

    Review: Indy - Big Booty Judy

    I should've had flour handy. I'll keep it in my STG kit haha
  11. J

    Review: Indy - Big Booty Judy

    Title: Review: Indy - Big Booty Judy Date: Jun 12, 2024 Phone: 856-215-8198 City: Brooklawn State: NJ Location: A hotel nearby a Wawa House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $100 Nationality: Caucasian Age Estimate: 40s Physical Description: Roughly 5'4" BBW, with a large ass with cellulite...
  12. J

    Review: Massage Quest - Linda

    No idea. It's also up to the provider, so if she doesn't feel comfortable then she may not open up options to people.
  13. J

    Review: BP Indy Brianna “so she said”

    Whenever going on BP, Skipthegames, etc. its almost always the best policy to go with a ss/15 minute visit. In 15 minutes I can touch all the bases and hopefully get a nut, but when you pay for 30 minutes there's always a high chance that you'll get shorted. Besides in 15 minutes I usually find...
  14. J

    Review: Massage Quest - Linda

    I spoke with a couple people who have had similar experiences with Linda. imo I think she was not comfortable at the time. No idea why, but that's what I believe caused her to not bring out the twins. One guy I spoke with said that she flat out refused to do it, but when he came back two more...
  15. J

    CL - Anna

    I appreciate the follow-up, brother!
  16. J

    CL - Anna

    Have there been any reviews of this person? I can't seem to find any, so it may be possible that reviews were created and the phone number was omitted. If anyone has any additional information then please PM me.
  17. J

    Unmarked spas cherry hill

    I'd like to join in on the fun. PM me with any details. Thanks
  18. J

    N&N Bodyworks (Formerly Qitopia)

    I tried this place on Monday in the morning - Strictly therapeutic, haha. She almost touched jr, but said no. For kicks and giggles I showed her $200 cash and tried to give it to her and she still refused. Yes, I know that $200 for a HJ is outrageous. I would never pay that amount. I've seen...
  19. J

    Huge Boobs vs Big Boobs

    Don’t mean to necro this thread, but does anyone know what happened to Diana? I think she moved out of the area
  20. J

    Independent AND thick?

    Be persistent, but I have not had any enjoyable sessions with her. Nice butt though.