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    Quality massage

    Any good places close to natomas that give a solid strong massage and HE? Walk on back is a bonus
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    Review: My Spa - Amber

    Have you tried tina or anyone else there?
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    Review: Briannasouthbay - PD (AVOID)

    No, sometimes it’s better to just cut your losses and go. This felt like one of those situations
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    Review: Briannasouthbay - PD (AVOID)

    Title: Review: Briannasouthbay - PD (AVOID) Date: Feb 26, 2024 Phone: 408-393-9420 City: Willow Glen/SJ State: CA Location: House House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 240 Nationality: Caucasian Age Estimate: 50 Physical Description: Skinny, no curves, flat, brown hair Private Details: She...
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    Booked my first NURU

    He’s not going to share his info. He posted the same thing about Jessica last year and still doesn’t share. He likes to gatekeep the info apparently
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    Simple Pleasures?

    I’ve seen a handful of them. They’re really hit or miss and definitely don’t look as good as the pics. They’re all older and. Heavier set than the pictures portray. Also over priced, korgs are much more fun, consistent, and a better value.
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    AMP with rimming offered

    There’s always the legend gilf rimjob Amy in SJ
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    Booked my first NURU

    Care to share the contact info so others can enjoy as well?
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    May Spring

    Thanks for the info. Is there anyone that provides a solid massage there or is it just happy endings?
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    May Spring

    Any provider recommendations for sky spa? Someone that offers a strong massage is always appreciated
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    Review: Frecklishus - PD

    Title: Review: Frecklishus - PD Date: Jan 23, 2024 Phone: 916 720-9836 City: Burlingame State: CA Location: Close to SFO House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 140 Nationality: Caucasian Age Estimate: 40s Physical Description: Sexy red head, very curvy, thicc, amazing booty Private Details...
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    Review: Mini spa-yoyo

    This place has been legit since it opened. If you’re looking for a good massage it’s an option but if you want extras you’re wasting your time
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    May Spring

    How about sky spa then across the plaza?
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    May Spring

    Has anyone visited May Spring Spa in SJ that can share some info on providers, services, etc.? TIA
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    Reluctant to review storefronts, anyone else?

    I say review it and just be more vague on the specifics especially on services that you know will draw extra attention. Simple Tugs happen everywhere including doctors offices it’s the FS etc. that gets the added unwanted attention
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    AMP with shower

    Belmont health center
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    Review: Melisa - PD

    Pretty sure he means Mslisa and it was just an autocorrect. That’s her routine and phone number
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    Rose Spa - SJ

    Is everything on the table there?
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    Rose Spa - SJ

    Has anyone been to Rose Spa on Almaden that can share some insights on your visit? Curious who to see, what’s offered, etc. TIA!
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    Review: TT- Xst Lena

    You might be talking about Lily? She matches that description