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    Review: Amy - 45 Bayard 2nd Fl

    thank you and the one below you! I needed that
  2. M

    Review: Amy - 45 Bayard 2nd Fl

    any idea where lucy moved? I used to go often to her and shes gone
  3. M

    Review: Lilly-Bayard Street Other half of the dynamic duo

    i want to try lily i get lucy and shes great
  4. M

    Review: Lily- Elizabeth St.

    i walked into 55 today saw nana open the door and just turned my back when she said lucy and lily went home :/ i cant with her she gets me annoyed
  5. M

    Review: Lily 98 Mott

    Thanks ill check it out, hopefully they there
  6. M

    Review: Lily 98 Mott

    Any idea where they relocated? Is it phn?
  7. M

    Review: Chinese on grand

    Wait lucy is at pnh now? I go at night and its some trash fat lady who rushes everything
  8. M

    Review: NYAF - Abby

    Whats the damage? :0
  9. M

    Review: 98 Mott Spa

    Whats 74 F? I liked lucys service she was great
  10. M

    Review: 98 Mott - Lucy 3rd Floor

    im going back to try lily but i can say lucy really did her thing on me, shes so talented
  11. M

    Review: 98 mott 3rd floor

    I got lucy my first time, she was smiling a lot at me, i gave her 100 and she was trying to get 20 extra for just a bj, i said i couldnt and she still proceeded. She then tried to ride me but i said only bj. She then swallowed and told me next time both of them or i go to lilly cause she sucks...
  12. M

    Review: 98 mott 6fl- yuyu

    Just cim with lucy and it was great 1st experience on the 3rd floor
  13. M

    Review: 98 Mott - Lucy 3rd Floor

    Thanks im heading over in a bit to try it out, hopefully theres not a crowd out the door!
  14. M

    Review: 98 Mott - Lucy 3rd Floor

    I was asking how much for just bbj, i expect a massage too tho to begin, i didnt know they just hop into it, ill just give em 100 for bj
  15. M

    Review: Asian Star petite saki

    They give bbbj?
  16. M

    Review: Wendy in West Hempstead, Nassau County

    Ive had some real good looking girls at Lavender spa but they charge too much and the bj is with the plastic wrap soooo no fun there. Ill try one more time today and see how it is. Maybe a different girl if im lucky will say no plastic wrap.
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    Review: 98 Mott - Lucy 3rd Floor

    Just making sure how much should i do for just a bbj? The 150 is fs right? I dont want to raise prices