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    Review: Diya - Independent

    Wish it was easy to find them in Edison. I guess you might have to be part of the community to know.
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    Review: Miranda - Indy in Barnegat

    Is there any pictures of her? I’ve tried looking up the number but they’re different people.
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    Review: Bait and Switch at Aqua and found relief at Qitopia with Jessica

    So Qitopia is back to normal? I haven’t been there since that whole fiasco a few months back.
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    Review: Village Accupressure - Hannah

    Yeah it seems she was busy. From my experience the HE is much slower from Hannah.
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    Review: TOFTT - New Spa in Narberth - Sun Spa #1 - Sophia and Emmy

    Damn Sophia sounds interesting.
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    Review: H Day Spa - Coco

    Title: Review: H Day Spa - Coco Date: Jul 11, 2024 Phone: 610-530-7577 City: Allentown State: Pennsylvania Location: Hamilton Blvd House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .70+.60 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 45-50 Physical Description: Average in looks though does have extra pounds on her...
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    Review: Privilege Touch Massage

    She doesn’t look unattractive in the photo of her website.
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    Review: Ebony Indy - Touch of Joy

    Does she have any pictures?
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    In Search of Big NATURAL Breasts

    What’s AC? Sorry I’m not usually in NJ.
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    Has anyone tried European Intuitive Massage Therapist from CL I’m curious if it’s therapeutic only.
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    Review: Flow-Rose

    It’s not. Flow spa would never do this kind of thing. Like someone said they have diverse clients and would never go for this menu.
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    Review: Ms. Sweet - indy

    She is on here.
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    Evergreen-Allentown-Hamilton St

    Haven’t been there in a couple years. I went there in 2022 as my first AMP. It was fine, I don’t know if there’s more on their menu but I just had standard. Parking there sucks though.
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    Review: Flow spa Rose - resubmit

    She’s still there but I’ve never managed to draw her. Maybe if you call and ask if Melody is available?
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    Curious if anyone seen her before on CL

    Hi I was scrolling through Craigslist and came across this post and was curious. I was wondering if anyone saw her before: Here’s her massagebook in case Craigslist post is down...
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    Review: Touch of Joy-Indy

    Any pics of her?
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    Review: Qitopia- sunny

    That’s weird. I’ve had Sunny once and she was teasing towards the flip. I call ahead at these places rather than walk-in, maybe thats why she was very cautious in case you were LE or something.
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    Intel on "clean attractive male wanted"

    Where’s the video at?
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    Review: Camila , 40ish Indy Latina

    Yeah but I don’t know if she is active in PA. Judging by other sites, she was also in VA Chesapeake area under a different name (whether before or just recently, idk).