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  1. LBFM search

    Harrisburg Indy's

    One time I started to try to keep track of all the numbers being used. Just to see about repeating numbers. Lol, it's constantly changing but was very interesting. Even the numbers now that constantly send me pictures of new girls, constantly changes. For all this time dealing with the STG...
  2. LBFM search

    Harrisburg Indy's

    Not sure about Andy but most ads in STG in first person is still an agency just trying a different approach. I've been going to Red Roof Inn for about a year and half. Used to be weekly but I guess I'm down to once every 1 or 2 weeks. They went down in quality for a while but once you stick...
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    Review: Bin's Asian Massage- Manidy

    Title: Review: Bin's Asian Massage- Manidy Date: Oct 25, 2022 Phone: 223-667-7888 City: Dillsburg State: PA Location: York Rd. Age Estimate: 40-50 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: 5', shorter hair style, Mom bod. Private Details: This place has been open for 2 months. Thought...
  4. LBFM search

    Now we know

    Now we know where that jackhammer comes from.
  5. LBFM search

    Review: Ocean Day Spa - Yoko

    Title: Review: Ocean Day Spa - Yoko Date: Sep 26, 2022 Phone: 717-827-6589 City: Lemoyne State: PA Location: Market St. Age Estimate: 50 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: 5', fit, sholder length reddish tint hair, petite, IBTC Private Details: As I drove by I noticed that there...
  6. LBFM search

    Review: Relaxing Oasis - Rose

    Title: Review: Relaxing Oasis - Rose Date: Sep 24, 2022 Phone: 717-574-9881 City: Millerstown State: Pa Location: Off E. Sunbury St. Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Very long beautiful hair. Mom bod. 5 foot . With make up on very pretty. Private Details: By...
  7. LBFM search

    Review: Ivy Spa Four Handed

    No telling when you were there, no kind of real description of girls there, no names, shorted on time, alot of interruptions. Can't figure out why you would even give it a recommendation. Hmmm....just meh! Not sure what I get out of this review.
  8. LBFM search

    Review: New Cindy Spa-Hbg-Linda

    Title: Review: New Cindy Spa-Hbg-Linda Date: Jul 28, 2022 Phone: 717-216-8649 City: Harrisburg State: Pennsylvania Location: 13th St. Age Estimate: 30's Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: 5', reddish blond hair, petite, very cute with dimples. Small A's and butt. Private...
  9. LBFM search

    Review: Lori - Highspire

    At first sight of that nasty trailer I would have bolted and probably start up smoking.
  10. LBFM search

    Review: Tiger Lily spa - Camp Hill

    Thanks for the info on Tiffany. I was with her when Mia went to NY but never connected that she was Angela from Ruby's. Damn, I can never keep up with that shit. I just usually know that I've seen this girl somewhere .
  11. LBFM search

    Review: PA Spa Experience

    We do know it's a spa in PA by the title. That narrows it down from the fifty states. Now we need to guess a name if the girl had one....hmmm. No clue if there is a TS or if the place is clean or if the table was comfortable or more than one provider. This could be like a game of 20 questions.
  12. LBFM search

    Review: Tiger Lily Spa - Update

    When I was there in May I had Tiffany and she told me Mia has gone back to NYC and may not be back. Then there was a response that she was back so I booked an appointment with her right away and she said she had a doctor's visit hence the trip to NYC. I love how coworkers have no clue when...
  13. LBFM search

    Review: Gloria- CP

    Love a girl that gives a good spirited bbq along with every else. Leave satisfied and full tummy. :LOL:
  14. LBFM search

    Review: Nice time at Lisa’s spa

    I wonder if she has a name.
  15. LBFM search

    Review: Lisa Spa - Emma

    Title: Review: Lisa Spa - Emma Date: Jun 19, 2022 Phone: 929-391-2317 City: York State: Pa Location: Carlisle Road Age Estimate: 30's Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Very pretty, pony tail,around 5',IBTC,petite, avg.body Private Details: Tried calling a previous number that...
  16. LBFM search

    Review: Yang Yang - maybe Tina?

    Welcome, Very good review. Glad you did some homework before coming on board and asking a bunch of stupid questions like some do.
  17. LBFM search

    Review: YLS-Mia?

    That's awesome news. Thanks for that update. I was told she wasn't coming back. Cut throat business. Now maybe I'm wondering I'm not handsome. :ROFLMAO:
  18. LBFM search

    Review: YLS-Mia?

    I was there on the 22nd of May with Mia. The edging was amazing. Went back two days later and Mia went back to NYC. Damn....had Tiffany. Not bad but no Mia. Was going to do a review on Mia but since she left I didn't want to get any ones hopes up.
  19. LBFM search

    Review: New Cindy spa Harrisburg jenny, Cindy

    Stopped in there last night to spend some time with Coco. Just a heads up...on going construction right now for larger room and table shower coming.
  20. LBFM search

    Review: Serenity Paoli

    Great review! Everything else aside, now I just want to go and see that crazy/wild look.:oops: