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  1. Jmendez555

    Review: Good Day Spa Toms Riv - Lily

    Does this place have an x?
  2. Jmendez555

    Anyone else feel.... Burnt out?

    Same. I see maybe once every 6-8 weeks at an amp. Got bored of the usual. But lately I am not looking for the gfe. I have been hooked on once a week or every other with young latinas. Just quick sesh. And that's it just to get my stress out.
  3. Jmendez555

    Review: K & M Lisa

    My next to try :sneaky:
  4. Jmendez555

    Review: Spa Wellness Toms River- New Spinner Emily

    I saw her yesterday . Didnt know it was her first day
  5. Jmendez555

    Review: Jiu jiu - k&m

    Same I probably won't have a chance to see her a 2nd
  6. Jmendez555

    Review: Johas- Domi

    Yes looking for thin
  7. Jmendez555

    Review: K&M Spa - Emily

    Linda seems like worth a visit
  8. Jmendez555

    Review: K&M Jiu Jiu

    It's the bangs
  9. Jmendez555

    Review: K&M Spa - JiuJiu

    She said she loves me and she thinks I'm special the deceit. Only thing special was my money I guess lol
  10. Jmendez555

    Review: K&M Spa - JiuJiu

    Starting to feel like she either just loves it or she says it to everyone lol
  11. Jmendez555


    I saw this... Interesting
  12. Jmendez555

    1074 Spa

    Careful what you wish for, the 2nd time visit was a little fishy... While ago but haven't been to often to get that again
  13. Jmendez555

    1074 Spa

    Dm plz
  14. Jmendez555

    Busted in toms river

    Number ? Ad ? Pm
  15. Jmendez555

    Review: time2relax - new girl

    Do they have an x?
  16. Jmendez555

    Review: GDS - Sweet New Girl Suzy

    Wow well said. Always love reading your reviews it just unfortunately adds another girl in my list. I must go to Gds again. It's just a hike
  17. Jmendez555

    1074 Spa

    What's there new x? Or are they not back
  18. Jmendez555

    Review: Spa wellness Tina

    I will see lilli now lol my next on the list