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  1. Sinful Hands

    Review: Nicole - Green Spa

    Mary is always a good partner with me. Everybody has different tastes when it comes to providers.
  2. Sinful Hands

    Review: Dream Spa - Jessy

    B.. You are the OP and I agree with locking this down. Go for it
  3. Sinful Hands

    Review: Dream Spa - Jessy

    Maybe he gets a free massage after 10 reviews. ;)
  4. Sinful Hands

    Review: Dream Spa - Jessy

    Truth there Anon. When places become revolving doors, shit starts to happen. Shortened sessions, higher tip expectation, and the quality starts to degrade. Plus neighbors start to notice the traffic and THAT brings the attention of LE or other agencies. Big talk makes the spa Walk.
  5. Sinful Hands

    Text Aps

    Burner is ALWAYS the safer and smarter route. Get a cheap one and toss it away whenever you need to.
  6. Sinful Hands

    Best way to experience 2 pops in a 4 hand massage?

    Are you sure you are able produce a 2nd pop out in that time? I'm a one hit wonder myself. Always admired guys that could go to bat twice in one inning.
  7. Sinful Hands

    Review: NHC-Judy

    Sounds like she needs to make use of the shower and mouth wash. This place has gone downhill over the past few years.
  8. Sinful Hands

    Review: Dream Spa - Jessy

    FWIW. You can't be constantly raving about the place and the workers there then complain that it's constantly busy and you're getting shortened sessions. I remember this a few years back on Spa Hunters. Esp with TW in Bridgewater and a few other spas. Might be good to talk about this place in...
  9. Sinful Hands

    Independent Latinas

    Bike... you've been a member for 3 yrs yet no reviews. Quid pro Quo dude
  10. Sinful Hands

    Review: Dream Spa - Jessy

    With all the Penthouse forum style reviews lately, Is this place ever Not busy ??
  11. Sinful Hands

    Review: Denise Old Bridge

    I saw her pre covid and no gloves. I'm wondering if that's the new norm.
  12. Sinful Hands

    Review: Jessy Dream Spa

    I've been mongering on and off for the past 20 yrs. Only 2 times when they asked if I was LE. Learn a little of their language, it makes a world of difference. I try to treat it like going on a date. Flirt, be playful, give a hug or hold their hands when you first meet them. Do all the things...
  13. Sinful Hands

    Review: Jessy Dream Spa

    YMMV On the other hand, if you go in giving a positive vibe and friendly attitude it can change things.
  14. Sinful Hands

    Review: Jessy Dream Spa

    Was it your first time there? OP is well known by the place after so many visits.
  15. Sinful Hands

    Review: Green Theraphy - Mona

    what makes you say that ?
  16. Sinful Hands

    Review: Singing Bowl - Anna (Ana?)

    pretty sure she is Korean. I was there a few weeks ago when she was by herself. Nice lady but the TM part was ok but not great and lasted about 20 minutes. As already mentioned Basic HE was .6 and 1.00 for open top. I just went for the HE. Pushed out at the 50 minute mark. For $ I can get...
  17. Sinful Hands

    Review: Dream Spa - Lucky

    I just saw that post in another thread. Like so many other things it's a 50/55 chance.
  18. Sinful Hands

    Review: Dream Spa - Lucky

    Why do you think it was her last day? Did MMS say that??
  19. Sinful Hands

    Review: Green Therapy - Angela the Amazon Goddess

    my bad... I missed Ric's last comment,
  20. Sinful Hands

    Review: Green Therapy - Angela the Amazon Goddess

    hmmm. Are you two talking about the same lady