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    Left appointment at Dream.

    ive been doing this for quite a while. Last week I scheduled something with yami at Dream. I got there and I was getting ready. I am not exactly sure what happened but I just couldn't go through with it. Wife kids money ran through my head. I was shocked, they were too Spoke to my wife about...
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    Review: Day Spa-Tina

    Trust me Tina 2 times in a session will make it happen, she loves the fact that a man can do that because of her. Sad to here about weight/belly gain but wont make me stop seeing her unless it gets crazy. Sorry for the loong multiple posts but these girls, although they may not be the...
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    Review: Day Spa-Tina

    I am not sure but Jenny seems to just be Mama and Coco is away. Fyi Coco is the worst at shorting and coming up with excuses, all ways push back she will be cool with it.
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    Review: Day Spa-Tina

    I havent seen Tina in a while but she has always been great and makes sure to give you the full time. I think the trick is asking for 2 times and a 140 tip. Also if they try to usher you out before just tell them “I paid for the hour and im gettin it” they will honor that. They are having a...
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    Review: Dream- disappointment Yumi

    Went there, not interested and left. Weird vibe. I think i am done overall. Other than Day Spa in SPlainfield
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    Review: Dream spa - baby

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    Review: Oasis - BeBe

    I had great experiences with her in Plainfield. It took 1 or 2 sessions for her to get very comfortable but they were still good as well.
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    Review: Lisa STG

    Lisa is a great person and she puts in 100% effort. She is in her 60’s so you have to be aware of what your going to get. I have seen her for years and she definitely gets better the more you see her
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    Creative and Code worded reviews

    Didn't think of that perspective but I can understand. Just looking for reviews as the website name mentions, Not erotic stories, but I digress.
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    Creative and Code worded reviews

    I really respect all that are spending time and risking GOD knows what on this forum. But seriously the confusing detailed reviews are kind of annoying. Not asking people to change there approach but as soon as I see a review that starts off with some sort of literal reference or coded...
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    Review: Lisa-Latina veteran from STG

    Title: Review: Lisa-Latina veteran from STG Date: Sep 5, 2022 Phone: Changes often City: North and central jersey State: nj Location: good hotels I see her in edison Age Estimate: 50+ Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Short, Chunky, ok face, unbelievable tits and nipples that...
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    Review: Indy Lisa STG

    I have been seeing Lisa for many years now. Here is what you need to know. She is older, at least 50. She is short and chubby.She has great tits which are still standing up. She is not an ugly lady but not a looker. She always is dressed say and ready to go. She is GFE and she has a great...
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    Review: 1st time @ A&W

    Don't get me wrong I think the 3 ladies are tremendous with their services. This was a once a week visit for me just a month ago then I started to see the reviews on this board and another that allows uncensored reviews unlike this board. With all the info being posted I knew guys would be...
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    Review: 1st time @ A&W

    This place is starting to get way too busy. I think the board has gotten them a lot of business. I am holding off until things slow down. All the signs are there sessions cut short, switching of provider, waiting for provider and over worked leading to mediocore service. I am sure it will...
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    Review: Young Spa-Veronica

    Sorry guys her name was Jessica....complete brain fart
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    Review: Young Spa-Veronica

    Title: Review: Young Spa-Veronica Date: Sep 1, 2022 Phone: City: Plainfield State: nj Location: Office Building- Back entrance with parking Age Estimate: 35-40 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Attractive, big top ok ass. pretty face Private Details: After all my good...
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    Review: A&W - Jenny

    completely agree on Jenny, her attitude is a full out freak. Dirty talk the entire time. After first visit it gets better
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    Young spa

    saw Veronica there, very disappointed.
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    Review: Sky-HAGNJ-Clap Clap Clap

    Title: Review: Sky-HAGNJ-Clap Clap Clap Date: May 19, 2022 Phone: Sorry City: Green Brook State: NJ Location: Strip Mall Age Estimate: 40ish Nationality: Korean Private Details: I know there is a lot of reviews on this lady but I wanted to Chime in here to support her. I had a great...