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    Review: Mandy-New Empire

    Title: Review: Mandy-New Empire Date: Jun 24, 2024 Phone: 6467073402 City: New York City State: NY Location: Midtown East House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 80+100 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 35 Physical Description: B cups, shaved, little tummy, long legs, pretty face, decent ass...
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    Review: Cindy’s facial spa-Amy

    Title: Review: Cindy’s facial spa-Amy Date: May 3, 2024 Phone: 3462042241 City: Queens State: NY House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 260 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 33 Physical Description: Hideous tramp stamp, Fat, push-up bra, brown hair, shorter, unattractive, no passion Private...
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    Review: Salacia-RS8

    Title: Review: Salacia-RS8 Date: Mar 15, 2024 Phone: 929-288-7618 City: NY State: NY Location: Flatiron near the Wendys House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 360 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 28-33? Physical Description: Short hair, c cups. Decent ass, trimmed. Really cute and sweet...
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    Kelly Replacement

    Nothing I’ve heard unfortunately. Fingers crossed she pops up when it’s warmer. No other provider does it like her.
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    Review: Rosie-NYSCE

    Title: Review: Rosie-NYSCE Date: Feb 1, 2024 Phone: 9296889994 City: NYC State: NY Location: Midtown West House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 360 Nationality: Vietnamese Age Estimate: 35-38 Physical Description: Fit, muscular bod. Fake c cups. Milfy face Private Details: Booked easily via...
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    Review: sasa @ 107

    It wasn’t her, checked for Kelly. Got another Kelly. Service is good, but Christ her bush is insane
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    Review: Bella- zen spa (bait and switch)

    Title: Review: Bella- zen spa (bait and switch) Date: Dec 7, 2023 Phone: 9179986668 City: NYC State: NY House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 200 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 21 Physical Description: 5 foot 2. Really petite, small ass. No tits, long nipples. Really young face, but not...
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    Kelly Replacement

    The girls there are Anne, Baby and Lisa. When I reached out, there wasn’t a Kelly there. Unsure if she changed her name or if she’s the mamasan and her services aren’t available
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    New Kelly Moon River Intel

    Happytrigger does she go by a new name? I just messaged them and the girls names were baby, Anne and Lisa.
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    Asian Kelly-from Moon River Manhattan

    Hi everyone. I’m looking for a provider named Kelly. She’s Asian, mid 30s, thick and very sexy. She’s from Moon River Spa in Manhattan. When it closed in July/Aug, she apparently moved to Long Island to continue her services? Any ideas where we can find her?
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    New Kelly Moon River Intel

    I’ve got info from a reputable source that Kelly is currently in Long Island doing her thing but we can’t pinpoint her location. Source didn’t know exactly where. It’s not Evolve Spa, I asked. Any ideas?
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    Review: New empire-Lisa

    Title: Review: New empire-Lisa Date: Nov 1, 2023 Phone: 3473998612 City: NYC State: NY Location: Midtown near Brazilian food places House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $180 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 50s Physical Description: 5 foot 4, c cup that withstands gravity, flat ass, shaved...
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    Review: Harley

    Title: Review: Harley Date: Oct 19, 2023 Phone: 9295663614 City: Manhattan. NY State: NY Location: Midtown close to Hells Kitchen House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 130+100 Nationality: Thai Age Estimate: 27 Physical Description: Thick, big butt, little belly Private Details: She didn’t...
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    Review: Rose-Sakura Blossom

    Title: Review: Rose-Sakura Blossom Date: Sep 1, 2023 Phone: 2152816280 City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: Rising Sun House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 200 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 30s Physical Description: DD but chubby. Cute ish face, flat behind. Weird scar marks Private...
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    Review: Lavender Spa: Cici

    Title: Review: Lavender Spa: Cici Date: Aug 4, 2023 Phone: 6092410522 City: Eht State: NJ Location: Near the lidl House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 160 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 45 Physical Description: Not cute, looked mannish Private Details: TS was bad and kept splashing...
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    Review: Candy-New Star, Meh

    Title: Review: Candy-New Star, Meh Date: Jul 3, 2023 Phone: 2678256666 City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: Near Chinatown House Fee & Tip (if applicable) Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Slim, b cup Private Details: When Sophia wasn’t in, I decided to...
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    Review: Pro Spa-Lisa. What happened?

    Title: Review: Pro Spa-Lisa. What happened? Date: Apr 20, 2023 Phone: City: Midtown State: NY Location: Near the Brazilian place Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Petite, nice body Private Details: So for whatever reason, this time around Lisa wasn’t down for...
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    Review: Tina Greenland Spa

    Title: Review: Tina Greenland Spa Date: Apr 9, 2022 Phone: 2673048837 City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: Northern Liberties Age Estimate: 40s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Thin but cute Private Details: It’s a pretty legit looking establishment so was happy to report...
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    Review: Grace Evergreen spa

    Title: Review: Grace Evergreen spa Date: Mar 18, 2022 Phone: 609-201-8495 City: Pleasantville State: NJ Age Estimate: 35 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Curvy, great lips Private Details: Massage was actually really good. Took a ts, she actually had to warm it up for me which...
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    Review: Wendy Absecon

    Title: Review: Wendy Absecon Date: Mar 14, 2022 Phone: City: Absecon State: NJ Age Estimate: 50s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Thick with tummy Private Details: So normally I would recommend her because she gives a decent massage with extras if you know her well and she...