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  1. DaMeow25

    NYBKSPA in brooklyn

    They look decent at least?
  2. DaMeow25

    NYBKSPA in brooklyn

    Anyone TOFTT? Has the same format as other sites but who knows how good they actually are.
  3. DaMeow25

    Review: Sara- LFS

    These girls are crazy cause they always ask for a minimum $20 tip. If you’re service is trash nah.
  4. DaMeow25

    Review: Isabelle in Sunset Park

    No, but don’t make any plans. Unless you wanna rush her.
  5. DaMeow25

    FT shows

    Are you looking for like a cam model or a girl that will video chat with you? Cause I wouldn’t trust any girl with a deposit let alone one that will actually do the video chat. Then you’re risking giving out your number or other personal information to do this.
  6. DaMeow25

    African or African American AMP / Indy

    Too hot right now, LE out in force.
  7. DaMeow25

    African or African American AMP / Indy

    Lemme know if you find one, cause there are some slim picking and even then they don’t provide the best service. I’ve seen a couple and most were disinterested and just rushing. One that seems a bit decent is Cocomarie but I think see goes my Amber now...
  8. DaMeow25

    Review: Sara from Portugal

    Literally Wish most of these girls stayed natural and didn’t get all these MM enhancements
  9. DaMeow25

    Experience with spas that use fake pictures?

    Sometimes these pictures are their old pictures and the it is the same girl, just a few years older and in some cases few pounds heavier.
  10. DaMeow25

    Review: Zara’s Molly

    Like above? All I said if you like Russian girls or Ukrainians then this is your spot. I’ve had some mediocre sessions here but overall not a bad spot.
  11. DaMeow25

    Review: Busty Mature Asian - Isabelle

    Like I said, I’ve had a good time and never experienced it. But don’t go, no one is forcing you to.
  12. DaMeow25

    Review: Busty Mature Asian - Isabelle

    I’ve always had a great time with Isabelle. Her room does smell like cigarettes, never seen any drugs. If you haven’t seen her I’d suggest you don’t make any assumptions.
  13. DaMeow25

    Review: Zara’s Molly

    They haven’t gotten new girls in a while and variety isn’t strong here. If you like Russian and Ukrainian girls then this is your place.
  14. DaMeow25

    Review: Latin Flower Spa

    When guys are fine with expensive HJs I guess it’s easy.
  15. DaMeow25

    Review: Latin Flower Spa

    Once you see the headphones you know they don’t care.
  16. DaMeow25

    Review: Vera Wonder

    They were calling that a porn star experience. Insane
  17. DaMeow25

    Review: Satsuki & The Unbearable Lightness of the Rising Sun

    Damn that sucks, she is gonna get burnt out real quick.
  18. DaMeow25

    Review: Baysun Spa Anna

    Phone number is also incorrect, it’s for 890 Spa.
  19. DaMeow25

    Review: Zara’s Eva

    Yes she is. But she’s gone from what I gathered
  20. DaMeow25

    Review: 86St New Rita

    I like my milfs, know how to take care of you.