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    Review: Amy Afton

    Title: Review: Amy Afton Date: Aug 4, 2023 Phone: 4452289866 City: North philly State: Philadelphia Location: Afton House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 180 Nationality: Japanese Age Estimate: 50 Physical Description: Slim nice Bcup and nice ass Private Details: Decided to visit Amy based...
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    Review: Afton street NE - Amy

    I'll be checking it out tomorrow and will give a full report lol
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    Review: A mount Laurel Asian

    No verification, mostly old and fugly, and out of shape. May find a unicorn from time to time, just be prepared to walk.
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    Review: 47 Accupressure - Suzy - Bad Time

    Sunny was the best there! Miss her
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    Review: Kate at AZN

    Boo hoo yourself! All I did was ask if he was sure who it was and I know Minnie I said it cause I wanted too, didn't know you were the Kate LE, I asked a simple question and I know what Minnie looks like as I've seen her a couple times check the reviews and that's why I asked about the braces...
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    Review: Kate at AZN

    Yea seriously, you never been lied to by a amp girl before? Lucky you I guess. I was just asking
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    Review: Kate at AZN

    I have never been with Kate but from the description it kinda sounds like Minnie, did she have braces?
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    Blackwood AMP?

    So who would you recommend?
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    Review: Kings Acupressure

    That's a review?
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    Playhouse Lounge

    Stopped in today for nibbles and nipples, was busy, and lots of fine ladies dancing and walking around. Had an awesome time in the backroom!
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    Playhouse Lounge

    Depending on what your looking for in the backroom it can be much cheaper imo, but if your looking for FS go to an amp.
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    Review: Epm Angela

    She too is one of my ATF
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    Review: Daisy EPM (disappointed)

    Nice to post a review long after she has been gone.
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    Playhouse Lounge

    Stopped by today early and they were busy, had a great time with Alexandra, lots of good looking woman floating around the bar and the back rooms were also very busy.
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    Review: Sisters Aromatherapy

    I got pictures too, they both look good but who knows?
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    Playhouse Lounge

    Back room activities
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    Anyone tried this one Woodbury/ West Deptford Asian

    Hopefully she looks as good as her photos?? Full menu.
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    Review: Stress Relief - Cindy

    Wow that's pretty good standards then, Lucy was great
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    Review: Playhouse Lounge Kennedy

    No I sat right at the bar