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    Review: FKG Candy

    Title: Review: FKG Candy Date: May 7, 2024 Phone: 650-788-7880 City: San Mateo State: CA Location: WF House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 290 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 40 Physical Description: Short, hair past shoulders, natural soft tits, completely shaven. Tattoo below belly...
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    Review: FKG - Chloe

    Title: Review: FKG - Chloe Date: Apr 19, 2024 Phone: 6507887880 City: San Mateo State: CA Location: WF House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 290 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 30s Physical Description: Resembles pics but clear PS. Not natural, but not bad either, brown hair, shaved...
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    Non-SF thread subscription

    Pm me too please. Thanks in advance.
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    GFEI Outcall

    Never done outcall but I've seen Hannah. Her English is pretty much perfect so you can actually have a real date with her if that's your thing. Pics are pretty accurate.
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    Review: Koko - VF

    She speaks both Japanese and Korean fluently. English is passable, as in, good enough without a translator app,
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    411 on VF Jun

    Yea she's Coco from BGC. I saw her during the holidays. Can right a review if you want.
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    Review: Yomiko @ SKL

    Age can be discussed, but she's 10000% Japanese. Either you have not seen her or you have no idea how to tell Asian races apart. Then what do you think she is? Korean? She speaks almost zero Korean.
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    Review: Yomiko @ SKL

    She wears heavy make-up but there's absolutely no way IMO that she's 50, or even 40. She body figure and skin is too pristine for that.
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    Review: Yomiko @ SKL

    Title: Review: Yomiko @ SKL Date: Jan 12, 2022 Phone: 4086467698 City: San Jose State: CA Location: N 1st Age Estimate: ~30 Nationality: Japanese Physical Description: Slender, petite with MMs Private Details: So I decided to visit Yomiko off of a recommendation and I'm kinda glad I...
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    DD-cup providers?

    I actually don't know. She's roomies with Stella and we hung out at her apt for dinner after session and Ava joined us. I just know she's stacked.
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    DD-cup providers?

    Ava at VF is at least a DD.
  12. C New?

    Hannah's pics are real with minimal photoshop. She's also fluent in English. Fairly certain she commands a premium though. Probably 2.8 or 3.
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    AA Lineup

    I've seen Alice. Pics are fairly accurate, especially compared to other providers. But as datlurker said, SA is not the best. I don't think my experience with her was as bad as others but it was far from my best. She was also .26 at the time when .24 was the standard so if she's extra, it's...
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    Allison Gone?

    When he was on WeChat, it was under Daniel but having seen some providers in the past, I believe it's Tony.
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    Cleanliness Etiquette?

    They do appreciate showering before hand but you can definitely shower when you arrive. I've gone after work myself so unless you do some plumbing or something, you'll be fine.
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    411 Ai

    I saw Ai multiple times at GFEI. She's kinda thick but in a good way. Natural, service oriented. Too bad she's on the other side of the bay now.