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    Review: Toft-Zenity Spa - Lisa

    Title: Review: Toft-Zenity Spa - Lisa Date: Jul 17, 2024 Phone: 215-214-5555 City: Philadelphia State: Pa Location: Northeast - Frankford Ave House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .6 + .1 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 60+ Physical Description: Very Short older lady with a sort of...
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    Review: Eastern Spa - Lily (I think that's what she said)

    If there is a camera and people are unknowingly getting filmed while getting undressed that is a felony offense. She may have just been saying that to spook you. Maybe it was one of the fake cameras so they can deter giving extras.
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    Review: New Star - Rooney

    You are not the a-hole in this situation. If a business lists they are open 24 hrs they should treat customers at all hours the same. Problem is these spas run on greed and don’t always care. If a girl is tired at that time she should turn the appointment over or not be available. I think we all...
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    Review: New Star - Rooney

    Tks for the honest review !
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    RM Sunnys, Summer Vacation

    Many times when they say vacation means they probably aren’t coming back, but want you to keep calling so maybe you will choose someone else
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    Review: Resubmission - Ming's Ocean Spa - May

    Wow, I don’t think of these girls are worth .80-1.0 for just a massage at Ming or any of the basic Asian places here.
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    Review: Angel Spa - Annie

    Title: Review: Angel Spa - Annie Date: Jul 10, 2024 Phone: 856-446-6873 City: Marlton State: NJ Location: Rt. 70 Near WaWa House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .6 + .55 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 50's Physical Description: Older lady about 5'3, medium build with a little belly and...
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    Review: Beyond - Candy and Emma

    Thanks for clarification…that was a quick turnover of Emma’s. Might have to go see this one…Tks
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    Review: Beyond - Candy and Emma

    So what’s the real deal on Emma’s breast size. You say A’s and last review says B/C’s. Huge difference. I know some guys don’t have a clue on cup sizes but you can never mistake tiny lite A cups for anything but
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    Review: Golden Hands and Vicky

    I used to work nearby and got to know a few of the girls. Yes more can be available but as you said with all the nearby options is it worth it.
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    Review: Hong Kong Spa - Lisa

    Tks for review. I noticed this place about two weeks ago when waiting for light to change. Was tempted to park but there was just too much pedestrian traffic going on around there so I passed.
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    Review: French Spa - Karina

    French was always a more budget place, but seems now is the same as others. Hey I remember when fat and older providers were more of a bargain as well. Now they feel they command the same prices as well.
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    Chun Dam Spa

    I heard that as well about Chum Dam spa and the males that attend. I was dating a Korean women and we never went there as she said not nice, dirty and food not good. Our go to was Island or Kings. Also these two spa seemed to have more single women and couples during the week and families on...
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    Chun Dam Spa

    Ethnicity has nothing to do with it. These are straight up Korean style spas. Go up to north jersey and there are even nicer ones And no you will not get a happy ending. You would probably get thrown out and it would be well deserved
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    Review: True Balance - ShiShi

    After Coco this place really went downhill. Wasn’t just the extensive services she offered at a reasonable price, but kinda cute and friendly. Went once after she left and that and that was it for me. I saw Coco in two spas after that, once at the shop on Haddonfield Rd and received same level...
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    Hand Job from provider with saliva as lube, catching anything?

    I think you need to find a new hobby like model railroads. But what if the train crashes and comes off the tracks…
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    Review: True Balance - ShiShi

    This place and girls here are becoming more and more of a rip off everyday. First house raises fee to .7 (maybe to compensate for lack of customers) and the girls now wanting over the top pricing. I mean 1.3 for a CBJ ? Really ? It’s now OTM‘s turn to chime in…hahah But glad you enjoyed as...
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    Gigi the cougar

    What abs. That’s all flab. You can always tell when filters are used to make the belly better because the belly button is stretched out and can’t be corrected. That relates to a gut. Also click on the more pictures and the second from the top she is laying down with a white blouse and red...
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    Review: Tranquil health, Lucy

    Maybe best in future to only pay house fee on card. This way tip can be based on the service provided or not provided. She def knew upfront what the 60 tip was for based on your previous experiences with her and didn’t provide. I doubt she would have refunded 40 of that back to your card if you...
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    Review: New Best AcuCare - CiCi

    I understand a place only being therapeutic, but even then they will still have you flip to get front of legs, feet face etc. was going to check out but sounds like a strong no considering not even a complete tm. I get a massage at my chiropractor office after adjustments and even there the...