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    Review: LC Mari repost

    Why does she never respond?
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    Review: REIKIU - Paris

    Which spot?
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    Review: Reiku - Valentine

    Text the number and they'll give you the address.
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    Review: Reiku - Valentine

    Title: Review: Reiku - Valentine Date: Apr 2, 2024 Phone: 201-613-3131 City: Edison State: NJ Location: Office building on 27 House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 1.5 Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: Early 20s Physical Description: Pretty face on a slender body Private Details: I had eyes...
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    Review: 1074 SPA - Dayana

    PM’d you
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    Review: 1074 SPA - Dayana

    Worked out for me bc I made appt with Dayana yesterday but she took me to Catalina’s room. Catalina looked really good so I stayed
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    Review: 1074 SPA - Dayana

    They take appointments but always takes me to the wrong room.
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    Review: 1074:- One more for Vivian

    It’s the ampreviews hug of death
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    Review: 1074 Vanessa

    Shiet, girls name is actually Vivian not Vanessa
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    Review: 1074 Vanessa

    Title: Review: 1074 Vanessa Date: Apr 1, 2024 Phone: 908-882-5863 City: EB State: NJ Location: Small White House 18N House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .8 Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: 20s Physical Description: Pretty smile, tall, meaty Private Details: It’s my first time at this...
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    Review: Y&Y Massage - Bibi

    damn she was happy with the 40 dollar tip?
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    Review: 28 Spa Mimi

    Title: Review: 28 Spa Mimi Date: Mar 21, 2024 Phone: (732) 667-5138 City: Bridgewater State: NJ Location: Small strip mall near Wawa House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .7 (hr) + .6 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 50-60s Physical Description: Wide bodied Private Details: Had a hankering...
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    Review: No named Latina

    Feel like I saw 2 ads of a girl with alien tattoo on chest. One with c cups and one with small ones. Maybe 2 different girls?
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    Review: Pleasant Garden---- Gorgeous Lisa

    There have been two Lisas in recent years. Is this the skinnier one or the meatier taller one?
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    Review: Serenity Lisa

    Title: Review: Serenity Lisa Date: Mar 4, 2024 Phone: 973-521-1899 City: Pinebrook State: NJ Location: Strip mall on west bound 46 House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 50 + 80 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 60s Physical Description: Frumpy with the black top, 5'2" and 140s, higher than my...
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    Review: Beyond Apple

    Title: Review: Beyond Apple Date: Jan 24, 2024 Phone: 848-213-5583 City: North Brunswick State: NJ Location: Small Plaza with three buildings House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 1.6 total Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40s Physical Description: Very pretty face Private Details: First...
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    Review: GDS Yumi

    Title: Review: GDS Yumi Date: Dec 19, 2023 Phone: 7324215197 City: EB State: NJ Location: Discrete rear entrance away from a very busy section of Rt. 18N House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 1.6 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40s Physical Description: Slender, cute face. Maybe 5'3" and...
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    Is this the Natasha that you couldn't understand a word she said?
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    Review: Irina - Discrete RMP/LMP in Randolph -

    I read through your post as if Donald Trump wrote it
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    Review: Relaxation Sensation - Nancy

    Title: Review: Relaxation Sensation - Nancy Date: Jul 19, 2023 Phone: 908-788-0808 City: Flemington State: NJ Location: strip mall House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .6 + .6 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: Late 30s? Physical Description: 5'3", 110 lbs, shoulder length hair, cute face...