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    How can they do it?

    That's because I don't last more than 10min. Think about when you were a teenager or early 20's. If I talk about me, I could dig my girl friends pussy for hours for free and there was no problem for both of us.
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    Photos and video

    Any paid COF is valid.
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    Need a horny cameraman?
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    Thoughts on Potential STI Spread?

    Can't agree anymore. I stopped visiting any spots offered BBFS or Greek.
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    Anyone see her?

    Easier than Bitcoin payment.
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    Review: 30's very cute, petite & tight body K-girl, Kay @ Green Vue

    For this place, yes. According to a monger left a comment on another review posted days ago, Kay is a pretty well known provider in SNJ. I think she is a Milf aged around 40/45 but she looks young and charming. So I wrote her age 37 years old.
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    24 hour spa?

    The name of the business is edgewater spa. They charge you like a FS client and then treat you like a visitor of a fast house.
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    Review: European Touch Ukranian Katie

    She's beautiful. Many Latina ladies work part-time. Not all of them but many have boyfriends or husbands.
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    Review: Play with self

    $10 tip would be fair for her service.
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    Review: Judy at Pine Brook

    Title: Review: Judy at Pine Brook Date: Jan 2, 2024 Phone: 973-493-9668 City: Pine Brook House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $.5 Total Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 53/57 Physical Description: Petite skinny Korean Milf Private Details: My 2nd visit and Judy remembered me. I lay on my...
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    Review: 30's very cute, petite & tight body K-girl, Kay @ Green Vue

    Title: Review: 30's very cute, petite & tight body K-girl, Kay @ Green Vue Date: Dec 30, 2023 Phone: 908 666-6766 City: East Brunswick Location: 2fl House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $$.0 All in Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 37 Physical Description: Petite, tight body with full Bs...
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    ReikiU - Which Tig Ol Biddies?

    Maybe Uber eats?
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    Review: Marcella at BWW

    Young chica has more energy but we usually don't feel that much of enthusiasm from them.
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    Review: Sky Spa - Sweet Baby Kayla, and Her Beautiful New Twin Sisters.

    No folds on her belly? Never seen that kind of beautiful porridge belly.
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    Review: Mule Road - Jessica

    Just pretend you own the brothel or visit your friend.
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    Review: Good Day - Neptune- Dana

    I guess someone keeps pushing you to curse this spot. Or maybe you doing this voluntarily. Either way, it seems like you're a royal pet of her. If I were you, I'd encourage girls working hard for me. I'm sure you live in there or commute with them at least. Why? Because I don't get how you...
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    Review: Good Day - Neptune- Dana

    Why don't you have a breakup shesh?
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    Review: Oriental massage spa-connie

    A typical rub & tuck shack.
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    Review: Good Day - Neptune- Dana

    Jackie is off for 3-4 days. Dana and Nicole available. Might write a review if I have a good time with Dana.
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    Review: Nicole Good Day

    I read a review saying Dana is amazing. Nicole is awesome but I'd see her on my next visit.