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Search results for query: fawn

  1. Wayne1250


    You really don'the need to read a review about the current EPM girls, I guess you found their website. From the reviews, Samantha is the number 1 headliner but you can'take go wrong with any of them. Roll the dice for CP and Fawn too, you can't miss. Write a review to keep us entertained.
  2. SkankHunt


    ...for private details but would appreciate some recommendations. I see there are 2 Korean agencies EPM and ClassyPhilly, and 1 independent with Fawn. Unfortunately this site doesn’t allow, 3 letter word searches for EPM. Of course I can do searches for the girls name. But I’m interested in...
  3. S

    Shaved, trimmed or Full Bush? Ever play the game with your boys?

    I heard someone saybobce they met Cecily in person and she was a bit of a bitch.
  4. kantuchdis

    Shaved, trimmed or Full Bush? Ever play the game with your boys?

    Cecily T's tits look ridiculously out of proportion for her body type, her surgeon should go to jail for his crime. Besides she seems like a cunt who expects people to fawn over her. Karen Rogers - good call - she is even prettier in person face wise, but her naturals look sadly saggy.
  5. easy2please

    Review: Fun with Fawn

    Title: Review: Fun with Fawn Date: May 29, 2020 Phone: City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: hotel Age Estimate: late 20s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: GND cute with just the right amount of naughty Private Details: Decided to spend some time with an...
  6. N

    Review: EPM - Anna

    Now u can use fawn as a ref and build up your reference by seeing other agencies/indies so u dont have to keep providing your personal info.
  7. V

    Review: EPM - Anna

    Okay, thanks for the tip! I figure with a place like that, honesty is your best policy.
  8. K

    Review: EPM - Anna

    Let them know. I didn't have one with Fawn and that was what she asked for (2 ID form). Never hurt to try.
  9. V

    Review: EPM - Anna

    Shit, I might be out of luck. I don't have a reference to provide. I'd don't mind showing them 2 types of ID.
  10. K

    Review: EPM - Anna

    I just got approved and have a schedule for this Sat. They wanted 1 reference and 2 type of ID. I just used what I did with Fawn (Driver ID and my CC with numbers crossed out) and went right into setting which model and day/time.
  11. Voodoo66

    Review: Fawn-tastic

    Like anything else in life, if you’re not comfortable don’t do it. Fawn has a good rep and she doesn’t seem to be hurting for cu$tomers. To each his own. I’d comply and I’m married. My choice.
  12. Blowing 1k when it's time

    Wayne1250 is correct—the quality of girls and service between NYC and Philly are the same. I find EPM better than most of the amps in NYC. Also, the time to commute to NYC and with parking, gas, tolls, it’s too consuming. If I wanted to burn $1,000 and I live in Philly, I would hit up EPM...
  13. C

    Review: Fawn

    Title: Review: Fawn Date: May 22, 2020 Phone: Website City: Philly State: Pa Location: South philly Age Estimate: Mid 20s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Smaller top but decent bottom in shape Private Details: Decided to give it a go. Verification wasn’t bad but do need photo...
  14. S

    Dealing With the Urge Here's a like but she isn't real. The pics are from some model called kathy nam. Besides Fawn and Gloria it seems like the rest of the real good looking ones are fake.
  15. blaqueknight

    Review: Fawn-tastic

    Title: Review: Fawn-tastic Date: May 10, 2020 Phone: None City: Phiadelphia State: Pa Age Estimate: 25 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Hour glass curves Private Details: Corona has me itching like never before. I decided to scratch with Fawn, who I haven't seen since her agency...
  16. D

    Big Booty Asians NY, NJ

    Thank you. So far all who are interested, looks like we have a decent list so far. -Margot Miu (google) -Jasmine (thick Asian that can be found by googling Jasmine BBW Asian Cityxguide on Google) -Douyoung (You can find her by searching the forums here) -Fawn the Asian (
  17. easy2please

    Big Booty Asians NY, NJ Fawn visits NNJ regularly
  18. Wayne1250

    Blowing 1k when it's time

    ...extra Ben or more to cover parking, tolls and gas. Not to mention 2 hours travel time each way. EPM (4 choices usually), CP (1 or 2 choices), Fawn and your choice of a few AMP's. Depending on where you live, you can hit up one of the top suburban APM''s on the way home, (HH, Yun, and 309 in...
  19. C

    Review: EPM Samantha

    ...upper leg areas. Other reviews have commented how wet Samantha gets from DATY, and I thoroughly endorse that concept----and some have made a Fawn comparison. Having had the pleasure of spending time with Fawn, and now Samantha----with Samantha---think her wetness = Fawn X 5. Yes, that wet...
  20. B

    1 Final Visit

    Her out of town vacation seems over.