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    Review: NYAW: Cherry + Sara Double

    of all the double I did, I need to ask to get this "jointly attack me from behind "o_Oo_O:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: next time!!!
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    Review: Bin is the idea of a day at the spa

    I agree Bin's massage is nice, I think another girl with really nice massage techinq is Cindy in AMS, those hands .. daaam
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    Review: NYAW: Bella + Sara - Birthday Gift to Self

    I second this, imo Cherry wins atm.
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    Review: NYAW - Cora

    I mean, its Cora~ who doesn't
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    Review: Cindy @ GFE Allstars

    I think this is time to bust our the helicopter move!!
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    Review: NYAW-Cora Bella

    I will totally do a 2v2 with $$$$, but need to find that buddy first lol
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    Review: Gaga @ Pleasure Palace

    the Mind and how she will do you of course, body-wise gaga isn't as meaty as Reiko. its more like Hina Hodaka 穂高ひな
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    Review: NYAW- cherry

    Title: Review: NYAW- cherry Date: Dec 8, 2020 Phone: 9293821000 City: ny State: ny Location: 57 Age Estimate: 27 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: 4'9 or 8, not vera skinny but decent size for her height. very cute looks like kpop star Private Details: Visited NYAW with a short...
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    Review: NYAW - Bella

    If any consolation, it only last for like 30 sec~ I wish it would be longer myself as well
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    Review: NYAW - Bella

    Title: Review: NYAW - Bella Date: Oct 7, 2020 Phone: 9293821000 City: NYC State: ny Location: E57 Age Estimate: 35 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Slim, soft, white, manmade, nice sexy body Private Details: Buzzed in without an appointment, enjoyed my grab by Sally and asked...
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    Review: Ada

    Her Mandrain is perfect, English i donno since I speak the first one lol .. WNA had it, Memorable body..
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    Review: (NYAW) Nonstop w/ Cherry!!!!!

    depending on your petite definition. If you include skinny in the mix. Cherry is short for sure!
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    Review: New girl Lia at NYAW

    I was told Lia is going on period break soon, so might be a bigger delay if you delay it lolol
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    Review: NYAW - Cherry, ultra petite

    I do recall once Fiona told me she is into those semi-brutal forceful Japanese porn, that she watch and fantasize about it. I think that could be it
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    Review: NYAW - Cherry, ultra petite

    same, Fiona is guaranteed good time, as well as other big hitters at NYAW. I do like Cherry a lot though, and I feel she is a little underrated in reviews. What Iike about cherry is of course how small she is, and also she literally does everything trying to please you (except for the greece...
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    Review: Cherry NYAW

    nice review. for me, Cherry looks just like IU, but the degree of perceived resemblance varies a lot between people. bottom line, she is pretty and hot.
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    Review: NYAW - Sara

    Title: Review: NYAW - Sara Date: Jun 19, 2020 Phone: 9293821000 City: ny State: ny Location: 57 Age Estimate: 30? Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Petite, not too skinny, very sedusive face and eyes Private Details: I have seen Sara multiple times before the pandemic, but this...
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    Review: Nyaw - Sara

    I'd go with 5'2, but very soft and fun. Sara and Bella are the 2 that will never go wrong
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    Review: AMS - Ada

    Title: Review: AMS - Ada Date: Mar 9, 2020 Phone: 917-916-2418 City: ny State: ny Location: 47 Age Estimate: 28? Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: petite, somewhat curvy, all-natural very nice top, and cute feet nice legs Private Details: Visited AMS last Monday, I know I...
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    Review: Bella at NYAW SPA

    I think you mean Sally walked you to the room and striped your pants off, not like the name have any meaning though hahaha. I am more curious, who give you a horrible experience at as/pp so I can avoid?